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paul posts wcbn fm chart september 28, 2015

So this past weekend I saw The Orb at a suburban venue that doesn't usually do electronic shows. It was easily the biggest '90s flashback I've ever witnessed (so far). The DJ was playing Faithless when I walked in and I saw someone wearing an URB magazine hoodie. Not that I'm complaining or making fun of anyone, I just thought it was funny. The Orb were awesome of course. Unfortunately I didn't get too see Godflesh and Prurient because the show was canceled at the last minute (not the first time I bought tickets to see Godflesh and the show was canceled). But it's ok because tomorrow I'm driving to Chicago to see Autechre!!! Then on Thursday Laetitia Sadier and Deradoorian are playing at the MOCAD, and on Saturday Bombardier (veteran breakcore producer) will be at Far House. Oh, and then Kraftwerk will be playing in Detroit next Monday, that's something to look forward to as well. -paul

WCBN Chart for the last week of September


Super sweet gatefold edition. Radio only. #buzzcocks

Some records at WCBN reach this well-worn state in spite of the diligent efforts of volunteers whose jobs include repairing jackets such as this one. Finding an LP in this condition signals our new DJs that the record they are holding has been loved by multiple generations before them and is part of the magic that can be found in our humble little basement.

University of Michigan students of all schools and departments are welcome to become a part of this magic. Introductory training sessions, which include a tour and a brief orientation, take place every Sunday at 4pm. With a little focus and determination, you could become a DJ with your own show in just a few weeks. For more information just shoot us an email!


Thu, 09/10/2015 - 11:00am - 4:00pm

Festifall brings together over 500 student organizations and departments for you to explore all your interests and find a group that's right for you. Look for your favorite student-operated radio station, WCBN, on the Diag at Festifall!

WCBN Presents: Steven Cerio Book Signing at Vault of Midnight!

Sun, 08/16/2015 - 2:00pm
Book Signing

WCBN is sponsoring not one, but TWO events at Vault of Midnight this weekend!

Saturday is a Doctor Who Day - celebrate the release of a new comic series by dressing up as your favorite character and reveling in all things Doctor Who!

Sunday will be a presentation and book signing by artist Steven Cerio, whose psychedelic and creepy cartoons have been most prominently featured by The Residents, among other acts including King Crimson, Les Claypool, and Negativland. He will be promoting his new book, "Sunbeam on the Astronaut", and screening excerpts of his films.

WCBN playlist from 1967

this showed up in my internet searches yesterday.

Week: 03/19/67
Format: T40

WEEK OF MARCH 19, 1967

1. Five Bucks - I'll Walk Alone
2. Mojo Men - Sit Down, I Think I Love You
3. Harpers Bizarre - 59th Street Bridge Song
4. Beaubiens - Times Passed
5. Tommy James & The Shondells - I Think We're Alone Now
6. Beatles - Penny Lane
6. Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Five Americans - Western Union
8. Four Tops - Bernadette
9. Miracles - The Love I Saw In You
10... (click here to view all chart data)

Excellent show - Pigeons, Crystalline Roses, and Throwaway

WCBN presented Pigeons (from NYC), Crystalline Roses (from Boston), and Throwaway (from Ann Arbor) at
Arbor Vitae 7/17/2015



Volunteer at WCBN

You could volunteer like Ed:

June 28, 2015



Fri, 05/22/2015 - 7:30pm - 11:59pm

This is a not-to-be missed event.

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