CBN Constitution: Article 3 - General Manager

Section 1 - Definition
There shall be a General Manager of the Campus Broadcasting Network, who shall be the chief executive officer of the Network, as such, all Executive Directors and their staff are directly responsible to the General Manager. In addition, the General Manager shall act as the formal liaison between the Network and the University. The General Manager shall be a student at the University of Michigan, and is subject to the approval of the Offices of the Vice President.

Section 2 - Date, Term, and Incomplete Term
The General Manager shall be elected by the Board of Directors in April of each year to a one year term beginning on May 1. Should the General Manager be unable to complete the term of office, the Board of Directors shall meet to elect anot her person to complete the term. the outgoing General Manager may appoint an Acting General Manager, who shall serve only until a Board meeting is held and a new General Manager is elected. An Acting General Manager may be a candidate for election to comp lete the term of office. Upon appointment, an Acting General Manager shall immediately receive petitions for the office of General Manager. If the outgoing General Manager fails to appoint an Acting General Manager, then the Board of Directors shall elect by majority vote an Acting General Manager, after receiving advice from the Executive Staff and knowledgeable Network Members.

Section 3 - Qualification
No person shall be General Manager or Acting General Manager of the Network unless s/he has been a Network Member for at least nine months prior to petitioning.

Section 4 - Petitioning, Interview
Candidates for the position of General Manager shall formally address the Board of Directors and the Network by means of petition. The petition shall announce candidacy, reasons for seeking office, and set forth objectives, goals, experienc es, and qualifications. Petitions shall be presented to the General Manager for posting at least two weeks prior to the election date. Each candidate shall be interviewed by the Board. The interview shall be open to all Network Members but shall exclude o ther candidates. Discussion of the candidates is open to all Network members, excluding the candidates themselves. Balloting shall be conducted in closed session, with only the Board and outgoing General Manager present. If the General Manager is running for re-election, or a current member of the Board is running for the position of General Manager, they too shall be excluded from the balloting.

Section 5 - Balloting
In order to be elected General Manager, a candidate must receive no fewer than five affirmative votes. If, after a set of three ballots, a candidate fails to receive five affirmative votes, the candidate (or candidates, in the case of a tie ), with the fewest amount of votes shall be dropped from consideration and balloting shall proceed. If, after an additional set of three ballots, no candidate receives five votes, or of the Board is divided among candidates, balloting shall end, and the p etitioning and election process shall begin again. No candidate shall be elected by default. If no candidate is elected, the outgoing General Manager shall continue to serve or, at the discretion of the Board, an Acting General Manager may be elected by m ajority vote.

Section 6 - Recall
If an individual Board Member feels that the General Manager has been remiss in his/her duties, s/he may propose a motion to recall the General Manager. In order to recall the General Manager, the Board of Directors shall schedule a public hearing. At the hearing, a special chairperson (who shall retain voting rights) shall be chosen from among the voting Board Members. All parties shall be given ample time to represent their cases and are entitled to cross examine. Removal of the General M anager shall require the approval of three quarters of all voting Board Members. If the General Manager is successfully recalled, an Acting General Manager shall be elected by majority vote of the Board. The first duty of the Acting General Manager shall be to initiate the election process for a new General Manager. A General Manager who is recalled may not petition for that office, but may run for the Board of Directors and hold other Network positions.

Section 7 - Responsibilities, Appointments
The General Manager shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Campus Broadcasting Network, and shall appoint people to the following positions: Budget Director, Program Director of WCBN, Development Director, and Operations Director. S/he shall appoint individuals to head any other departments which are established as permanent departments of the Network. The aforementioned personnel are designated Executive Directors; together with their appointees, they shall constitute th e Executive Staff of the Network. These Executive Directors are required to be students of the University of Michigan. Before appointing Executive Directors, the General Manager shall receive petitions from persons seeking available office(s), and shall s eek advice from knowledgeable Network members. If no student is available to fill a position, a non-student may be appointed on an interim basis with the approval of the Board of Directors.

The General Manager may appoint such special assistants and ad hoc committees as necessary, whose function shall be specific, limited, and advisory only. Such assistants and committees shall not be deemed members of the Executive Staff.

Section 8 - Chief Engineer
The Chief Engineer is a professional position hired by the University of Michigan. The Chief Engineer is recognized as Chief Operator of WCBN FM by the FCC and is held responsible for specific broadcast operations. S/he is supervised by the hiring supervisor for this position in conjunction with the General Manager.

Section 9 - Executive Directors
Each Executive Director appointed by the General Manager shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of his/her department. Executive Directors may appoint assistants as they require, and may organize their respective departments as they see fit.

Executive Directors are responsible to the General Manager, who may dismiss them at any time. Executive Directors shall confer regularly with the General Manager and advise him/her of their activities. Executive Directors will periodically discuss thei r job description with the General Manager, and update it as needed. Executive Directors are responsible for seeing that the role of non-students in their department is limited to an advisory or resource capacity.

The Program Director shall make mid-term presentation of broadcast activities to the Board of Directors.

Section 10 - Handbook
The General Manager shall maintain a Handbook, which shall be complete, up-to-date, and available to all Members of the Network. The Handbook shall include a copy of the Constitution, bylaws, Executive Directors' job descriptions, the Netwo rk Member list, and any other information deemed relevant by the General Manager or the Board of Directors. The Board shall annually review the General Manager's Handbook.

Section 11 - Jurisdiction
The General Manager shall, in the absence of bylaws to the contrary, define the jurisdiction for the various departments of the network.

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