General Information:
Mailing Address:
515 E. Jefferson St. (530 Student Activities Bldg.)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1316
Studio Line: (734) 763-3500
Management: manager AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 647-4122
Programming Inquiries & Feedback: programming AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 763-3535
Music (Tracking or Promotional) Inquires: music AT wcbn DOT org
(734) 763-3501
WCBN accepts music from any and all musicians willing to send us a hard copy of their album in (preferably) CD or vinyl form. We listen to everything sent to us, and we give everything a chance with our DJ's. If your CD is of a specific genre, send it "care of" the jazz director, the hip-hop director, etc. Otherwise, send it simply to: WCBN MUSIC, using the address at the top of this page.
Alumni: alumni-requests AT wcbn DOT org
Positions of Power & Influence
General Manager: Michael Barnes | manager AT wcbn DOT org
Programming Director:  Isabella DiBlassio | programming AT wcbn DOT org, (734) 763-3535
Music Directors: music AT wcbn DOT org, (734) 763-3501 (Office Hours Mondays 4-6)
General Music Directors: Paul Simpson and Yujia Pan
Hip Hop Music Director: "Chill" Will Higgs
Sports Director: Evan Oesterle |  wcbnsports19-20 AT umich DOT edu
Publicity and Artist Outreach Director: Tom Flynn | pp AT wcbn DOT org
Development Director: Alex Richker | dd AT wcbn DOT org
IT, Web, & Systems Team: website AT wcbn DOT org
      Chief Engineer: Jim Campbell
      Systems Administrator: Simeon Becker
      Archival Administrator: Tony Audas
Web Content Administrators:
      Events Info: Tom Carey | eventsinfo AT wcbn DOT org
      Concert Info: Mike Perini | concertinfo AT wcbn DOT org
      Social Media Director: Maggie Boelter | Facebook: @WCBN, Twitter: @WCBN_FM
Training Director: Maggie Huber | training AT wcbn DOT org
Radio Programs and On Air Personalities:
The Answer is in the Beat []
Beat the Bezoar [saramin AT wcbn DOT org]
The Down Home Show [downhomeshow AT gmail DOT com]
Face the Music with Arwulf Arwulf []
Freeform w/Sean Westergaard [mookietorch AT hotmail DOT com]
The Local Music Show [localmusic AT wcbn DOT org] 
Pandora's Lunchbox [mperini AT umich DOT edu]
Board of Directors:
Jim Hoppes (UM, appointee Sept 2018 - Sept 2019)
Mike Perini (UM, appointee since 2017)
Tom Bray (Faculty/Staff, Apr 2018 - Apr 2019)
Sarah Sisk (Alumni, Oct 2018 - Oct 2019)
Alex Kremer (StudentOct 2018 - Oct 2019)
Tess Wakefield (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Nick Hornberg (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Alex Hsi (StudentApr 2019 - Apr 2020)
Chayne Rimkus, ex officio General Manager
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