Adobi On The Gobi - Michael Nastos and friends

It has been my dream to produce this recording. Adobe On The Gobi, and as the title implies, it is a  multi-cultural project, combining music from the Middle East, the Subcontinent, Latin America and Africa with  creative improvised music, electronics and jazz. These  recordings feature musicians I have known and  collaborated with, based in my longtime hometown and native Ann Arbor, Michigan. It reflects influential figures in my cultural development. Specifically it is made with high art  musicians in mind, such as the ECM label artists, Brian Eno,Jon Hassell, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra, Steve Reich,  Jumma Santos and M'Boom/Max Roach & Roy Brooks in particular, and the music of the sixties TV shows “The Prisoner” and the AMC  reimagined mini-series.


We are all societal prisoners.


The beautiful art work is by Margaret Ann Squires, who teaches in the West Bloomfield school district, and works in many media formats, including pottery, photography, painting, and the graphic design you see here. She is so gifted, and shares her talent with her students, family and friends every day. Additional artwork is mine, done through my own professional 



This (eventually) four CD set is the culmination of many years primarily listening to and playing recorded musicfor people. My appreciation for live music in performance is also very important, and sounds  offered in the moment are the most telling aspect of anyone’s emotional and spiritual existence.


So I hope this effort will hold a place in your heart. It reflects influential figures in my musical development, but is in all respects music as shared with other like minded individuals. It combines my love for all pianists, drummers and percussionists no matter the discipline. Specifically it is made with high art musicians in mind, such as the ECM label artists, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Sun Ra, Steve Reich and M'Boom in particular. And the music of the TV shows “The Prisoner”.

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