And I Understand Your Feelings Girl I Really Do: "Get Out Now"

There's two kinds of hobbies in this life: the ones that exist outside your head, and the ones that don't.

One of my personal favorites of the latter genre is "pretending my life is a movie and I am the music director".

Usually this movie is a Wes Anderson movie because, seriously, who would NOT want to live in a Wes Anderson movie?? The colors would be so warm and saturated and everywhere you looked there would be a background full of interesting and unusual things.

(and yeah your family/personal life would be a bit of a wreck but everything would resolve to some sort of basic happiness at the end, and there'd probably also be some kind of great theatrical thing with everyone you've ever loved and also, Owen Wilson.)

So, previously, there was The Beatles with "Anna". And now another artist who is fantastic at depicting actual emotions you can recognize but in a way that is just a little bit more warm and saturated and interesting and unusual and theatrical than what exists outside your head.


The song: Tommy James and the Shondells, "Get Out Now"; 1968

I haven't quite decided what scene this song would go to but it would definitely involve running, and a girl in a really stylish coat, and the color teal.

"You're like one of those clipper ship captains, you're married to the sea." "Yes, that's true, but I've been out to sea for a long time."