The Answer Is In The Beat

Show #231 – 2/22/14

Download: wcbn-2014-02-22-0300-est.mp3

Hour 1
3:01 AM Mark McGuire ~ The Instinct ~ Along The Way ~ Dead Oceans
3:13 AM Thug Entrancer ~ Death After Life IV ~ Death After Life ~ Software
3:21 AM DJ Taye ~ New Age 14 ~ mp3 ~
3:24 AM D/P/I ~ Watchyr.Back ~ 08.DD.15 ~ Leaving Records
3:28 AM Headboggle ~ Music Easel Demo In Hi-Fi Digital ~ Meili Xueshan I ~ Bandcamp
3:36 AM Godseye ~ The Drunken Boat ~ A Season In Hell ~ Digitalis
3:49 AM Crowhurst ~ No Dollar Menu Items After Midnight ~ Crowhurst And Montage ~ Bandcamp
3:55 AM Alvarius B ~ Ghost Of South Carolina ~ Alvarius B ~ Abduction

Download: wcbn-2014-02-22-0400-est.mp3

Hour 2
4:00 AM Burnt Skull ~ Uniform ~ Sewer Birth ~ 12XU
4:03 AM Xiu Xiu ~ Bitter Melon ~ Angel Guts: Red Classroom ~ Polyvinyl
4:06 AM Watabou ~ Ingrained Social Reflexes ~ Plasticity ~ self-released
4:08 AM El Ten Eleven ~ Yyes! ~ For Emily ~ Fake Record Label
4:15 AM The Notwist ~ 7-Hour Drive ~ Close To The Glass ~ Sub Pop
4:19 AM Nothing ~ B&E ~ Guilty Of Everything ~ Relapse
4:24 AM Woodsman ~ Healthy Life ~ Woodsman ~ Fire Talk
4:35 AM Supercollider ~ Tuliptree ~ 7″ ~ self-released
4:38 AM Mogwai ~ Tell Everybody That I Love Them ~ 7″ ~ Sub Pop
4:42 AM Chit Chat ~ Don’t Go ~ 7″ ~ PRTYNGG!
4:44 AM Bad Daughter ~ track 4 (titles are in Chinese) ~ Tiny Sun ~ White Wabbit Records
4:47 AM Green Lights ~ Way Down ~ split 7″ w/ Congress ~ Animal Tapes/Save Your Generation
4:50 AM Johnny Ill Band ~ Post Office ~ 7″ ~ Dusty Medical Records
4:53 AM Danny And The Darleans ~ Don’t Get In The Car ~ Danny And The Darleans ~ Nero’s Neptune
4:55 AM Angel Olsen ~ Hi-Five ~ Burn Your Fire For No Witness ~ Jagjaguwar

Download: wcbn-2014-02-22-0500-est.mp3

Hour 3
5:02 AM Kasim Keto ~ Long Way ~ Long Car Rides ~ Babygrande
5:05 AM Lee Bannon ~ Cold/Melt ~ Alternate/Endings ~ Ninja Tune
5:09 AM Illum Sphere ~ Sleeprunner ~ Ghosts Of Then And Now ~ Ninja Tune
5:12 AM Actress ~ Street Corp. ~ Ghettoville ~ Werkdiscs
5:18 AM No Milk ~ Telephone Tones ~ Ant Parade/No Milk Retrospective ~ Hot Releases
5:24 AM Nima ~ Ride ~ Spirit Sign ~ self-released
5:27 AM Figure Study ~ Invisible ~ Figure Study ~ Dark Entries
5:33 AM Guardian Alien ~ Tranquilizer ~ Spiritual Emergency ~ Thrill Jockey
5:43 AM Debruit & Alsarah ~ Jibal Alnuba ~ Aljawal ~ Soundway
5:46 AM Max + Mara ~ Unseen ~ Less Ness ~ Dark Entries
5:53 AM Pinkcourtesyphone ~ Blow Up (Iamaphotograph Cut By CoH) ~ Please Pick Up ~ IO Sound
5:56 AM Cibo Matto ~ Check Out ~ Hotel Valentine ~ Chimera Music

Crush Collision 2/20/14

Download: wcbn-2014-02-20-2200-est.mp3

Crush Collision 2/20/14
10:01 PM Actress ~ Skyline
10:07 PM Lucy ~ Follow The Leader
10:12 PM Dantiez Saunderson & John Norman ~ Stuck In My Mind (Kevin Saunderson Curators Edit)
10:16 PM Oleg Poliakov ~ Anatomy Of A Shipwreck
10:22 PM Balil ~ Norte Route
10:25 PM Esteban Adame ~ Home Sick (MGUN Crunch Time Remix)
10:32 PM Snow Ghosts ~ Secret Garden (Matthew Herbert’s Wash It All Away Instrumental)
10:36 PM Addison Groove ~ Bad Seed
10:39 PM Dariuus ~ Polar Vortex Storm Ion
10:45 PM Black Deer ~ Strike 3
10:49 PM Inigo Kennedy ~ Interaction
10:53 PM Link & e621 ~ Antacid II
10:57 PM Thug Entrancer ~ Death After Life III

Burnt Skull: Sewer Birth LP (12XU, 2014)

Burnt Skull: Sewer Birth LP

Austin duo whose name entirely matches their sound. Hard, noisy sludge-metal-noise-rock with ungodly vocal effects. This sounds every bit as dark and evil and hellish as it looks. Thick pounding drums, flaming guitars, and supremely devilish vocals. Sometimes approaches early Swans or Godflesh territory. “God Hole” and “No Cross” are faster, getting closer to horror-punk territory. Of the 4 instrumental tracks, “Uniform” is maybe the most industrial, “Lord’s Prayer Underwater” is a short noisy interlude with some submerged talking, “Abduction (Lost Underground)” is a REALLY noisy interlude, sounding like a barrel explosion in a sewer, and “Abysm/Rotting Plain” is an outro that sounds like scraping metal in a sewer. This one effectively burned my skull!

Thug Entrancer: Death After Life (Software, 2014)

Thug Entrancer: Death After Life

Hard-to-define mixture of juke, minimal techno, trap, acid techno, noise, and more. Lots and lots of 808 beats. Active and busy, but sometimes minimal and bassy. Tracks 1-8 are parts 1-8 of “Death After Life”. Part 1 is uptempo juke/trap. Part 2 is slow dubby minimal techno. Part 3 is a long uptempo simmering acid techno jam, which ends with a lazer-like noise jam for the last couple minutes. Part 4 is another slow simmering techno track, which sometimes erupts in flurries of uptempo drum fills. Part 5 achieves the simultaneous feeling of slowly floating (due to the bubbly synths) yet at the same time rocketing forward into hyperspace (with the fast hypnotic beats). Part 6 is midtempo dubby techno with some soft noise smears around the corners. Part 7 starts quiet and unassuming, then kicks into a thin, uptempo techno, with small melodies and lots of handclaps at one point. Part 8 is more beat-heavy, uptempo, kind of hypnotic, but also minimal. The last 2 tracks are 2 parts of “Ready To Live”. Part 1 is another slow, minimal 4/4 techno track, but has one of the more interesting melodies on the album. Part 2 is mysterious midtempo techno, a bit more submerged and crackly than some of the other tracks, and a bit more distant and paranoid. Always amazing stuff from Software, and also I think this guy does web design for Decoder, which I write for sometimes, so that’s awesome too.

Supercollider: “Heartbomb/Detonate” b/w “Tuliptree” 7″ (self-released, 2013)

Supercollider 7″

Debut 7″ from WCBN alumni Aaron Smith and Rory. Tight, wiry, mathy indie rock. “Heartbomb/Detonate” has vocals (lyrics about a crush), and a perky mid-uptempo, “Tuliptree” is instrumental and starts midtempo, then launches into energetic doubletime, and even has room for some cowbell. Facebook says Rory is moving to LA so I dunno if this band will be playing live anymore, but at least you can enjoy them on this 7″.

El Ten Eleven: For Emily EP (Fake Record Label, 2014)

El Ten Eleven: For Emily EP

New EP from long-running instrumental post-rock duo whose first album was on Bar/None back in 2005. This is a nice, upbeat, electronic-tinged collection of 5 to 7 minute jammers. Concise but complex, not too proggy, and definitely enjoyable, nothing too ponderous. “Yyes!” is the most electronic of the 3, starting with kind of scattered, blippy sequences that continue through the song, and some drum machine beats in the breakdown around 2 minutes, but still guided by flying-high guitar and bass guitar groove. “Reprise” is also kind of electronic, even dubby, and kind of breaks down around 2 minutes and pulls itself into a more straightforward rock section, then tumbles into some free-falling drum soloing, then bumps around some electronic beats and more tranquil guitar effects. All good vibes.

Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides (Babygrande, 2013)

Kasim Keto: Long Car Rides

Mostly instrumental hip-hop, but with sung vocals with ethereal vocal effects. Definitely has a repetitive highway-travel feel to it. After a short intro of a car revving up, “Antseed” starts things off with minimal beats and synths and kind of trippy textures. “Wounded Knee” has a bit of sung vocals, and trippy beats. “Rat Race” has more sung vocals, mostly just the title repeated. “Facing” has sparkly synth sounds. “Belong” has some more sung vocals, can’t really tell what they’re saying. “Pusher” has kind of spacey synths. “Through” is a little more downtempo, has a tiny bit of piano. “Long Way” has a slow tempo to the melody but a more uptempo broken-beat shuffle to the beats, and vocals singing the titular phrase in the background. “Tell-Lie-Vision” is slow-jammy and has some lazy, loungey, stargazey vocals. “Nova” is short but has a really cool choppy beat and lots of spacey echo on the vocals, and lyrics about exploding supernovas. “Who Knows” is over 5 minutes, has the “Synthetic Substitution” breakbeat, and has vocals that sort of gaze off into space. “Hishandsunderstand” is light and spacey. “I Can’t” is melancholy and has light guitars and has some minor sung vocals towards the end. “Cause & Creation” has more barely comprehensible sung vocals, but seems to be concerned about something. “Hurrywait” has a hard beat and kind of trippy synth sounds. “So much Pain” ends it with more kind of melancholy beats and a little piano and vocals. RIYL: Driving long distances at night, Adult Swim bumper music.

Illum Sphere: Ghosts Of Then And Now (Ninja Tune, 2014)

Illum Sphere: Ghosts Of Then And Now

Ninja Tune debut from Manchester producer Ryan Hunn. His older stuff was closer to abstract instrumental hip-hop, but this album takes in a much wider scope of electronic music, touching on various current forms of “bass” music, R&B, house, Krautrock, and more. “Liquesce” is a shadowy, crackly, string-filled noir intro which has Shigeto drumming away in the background. “At Night” kicks up the tempo with light female vocals and edits, and 808 State-esque synths. First single “Sleeprunner” has more vinyl crackle than the first track, a nice Krautrock (via the last Portishead album) synth arpeggio, and a steady chugging beat which builds to juke intensity towards the end, along with vintage synths and strings. “The Earth Is Blind (Prelude)” is a spacey interlude leading into “The Road”, a downtempo R&B ballad with a stomping beat and frequent cut-ins from what sounds like a police radio, rhythmically sampled into the beat. “Ra_Light” has kicking beats, city-light synths, and a break in the middle with some excited-sounding voices, and then an outro of some slowed, echoed voice. “It’ll Be Over Soon” has a little more vinyl crackle, fast jittery beats, and a recurring sample of kids going “yeah!”, and later a robot voice repeating “game over” over a fast juke-inspired beat. “One Letter From Death” is a short, simple track with a rimshot-heavy beat, snakelike rattling percussion and bass synth. “Ghosts Of Then And Now” has a soft sensuous beat and organs, and gets more intense during the second half, which features atmospheric backup vocals. “Love Theme From Foreverness” is another moonlit R&B ballad, with midtempo beats. “Lights Out/In Shinjuku” starts out sounding like it’s going to be tense and frantic, but then really calms down during its second part. “Near The End” is the most uptempo, busy 4/4 dance track, with an upfront live-sounding beat and jazzy keyboards. “Embryonic” is one last vocal track, with a cumbia-esque beat and xylophones, and synth washes.

Show #223 – 1/1/14

Download: wcbn-2014-01-01-0300-est.mp3

Hour 1
3:01 AM Phoenicia ~ Monday (Disjecta Rmx) ~ Lily Of The Valley ~ Schematic
3:07 AM Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group ~ Worm = Spice ~ Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group ~ Sun Ark
3:16 AM Seers ~ side B excerpt ~ tape ~ self-released?
3:28 AM Foom ~ Whun ~ Surface Noise And Imperfections ~ No Fidelity Audio
3:37 AM Hiss & Hum ~ one of the two sides, I can’t tell which ~ Shut-In Tape #35 ~ self-released
3:53 AM Profligate ~ Against The Wall ~ Come Follow Me ~ Hot Releases/More Records
3:57 AM VVAQRT ~ Lunule ~ Than On Eother And You Have 0 Answers ~ Hot Releases

Download: wcbn-2014-01-01-0400-est.mp3

Hour 2
4:02 AM Max + Mara ~ Hands ~ Less Ness ~ Dark Entries
4:05 AM Group Rhoda ~ Dust ~ 12th House ~ Not Not Fun
4:09 AM Figure Study ~ Rain ~ Figure Study ~ Dark Entries
4:12 AM Esplendor Geometrico ~ Necrosis En La Poya ~ Metal Dance 2 ~ Strut
4:16 AM Long-Sam ~ Tomorrow ~ Magneettinen Kasetti Vol. 2 ~
4:25 AM O. Sam. A. ~ Meilahti Stomp ~ Magneettinen Kasetti Vol. 2 ~
4:36 AM Leæther Strip ~ Never Trust Anyone At The Carnival ~ Teenage Demos ~ Dark Entries
4:40 AM Bezier ~ Ensconced ~ Ensconced ~ Dark Entries
4:45 AM Inhalt ~ Programming ~ Occupations ~ Dark Entries
4:49 AM Roland Tings ~ Roland’s Beat ~ 12″ ~ 100% Silk
4:54 AM Ron Morelli ~ Slow Drown ~ Spit ~ Hospital Productions

Download: wcbn-2014-01-01-0500-est.mp3

Hour 3
5:01 AM Hiss & Hum ~ side A ~ Psychic Death ~ self-released
5:28 AM Luc Ferrari ~ Presque Rien Avec Filles ~ Presque Rien ~ Recollection GRM
5:42 AM Francois Bayle ~ La Preuve Par Le Sens ~ L’Experience Acoustique ~ Recollection GRM

Seven Lies About Girls/Hiss & Hum megapost

Seven Lies About Girls: The Process Of Weeding Out tape

Finally getting around to the package of tapes Hiss & Hum sent me way earlier in the year. First is a tape by Seven Lies About Girls called The Process Of Weeding Out (Teen Action Records, 2013) which is named after the Black Flag EP (and the track names on here are named after the tracks on that EP) but it doesn’t really resemble them musically, other than a rule-breaking, anti-authoritative mindset. It’s paranoid, dissonant, formless, and not an easy listen. The second side features harsh sawing sounds underneath amorphous bubbles, and ends with a splashy puddle of sound which dissipates into night air.

Hiss & Hum tapes

The Seven lies tape is alright, but I’m honestly way more into the two Hiss & Hum tapes. This is Seven Lies member Capt. Dave Destroyer’s solo project, and he has an extensive series of home-recorded tapes that he just gives away. The left-most tape pictured here has Shut-In Tape #35 scrawled on it, and it has a lot of humming and hissing that you might guess a shut-in would make, but the second side in particular is really pretty. Just a really good not-too-long dose of laser blasting mixed with sparkly atmospheric sounds, and eventually blasted beats. Then it all burns out to a fiery crisp. The tape on the right is Psychic Death, and that has more of a balance/contrast (it gets hard to tell sometimes) between pretty and harsh noise textures. Second has harsh noisy Japanese-psych-ish guitar soloing and some Dylan Ettinger-ish vocals, and then it just gets completely overdriven with spacey noise-droning. It goes on for a while and it’s pretty mindblowing.

Show #222 – 12/31/13

Download: wcbn-2013-12-31-0000-est.mp3

Hour 1
12:03 AM Mick Harris ~ Tap ~ L’Inacheve/The Unfinished ~ Sub Rosa
12:10 AM Golden Donna ~ Infinite Earths ~ Golden Donna ~ Not Not Fun
12:16 AM Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group ~ Glassed Massed ~ Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group ~ Sun Ark
12:21 AM UZ ~ Crazy Horse Endings ~ UZ tape ~ Life Like
12:24 AM Patrick Cowley ~ He’s Like You ~ School Daze ~ Dark Entries
12:27 AM M. Geddes Gengras ~ Air Solo ~ Beyond The Curtain ~ Holodeck
12:35 AM S U R V I V E ~ Lunar Eclipse ~ LLR002 ~ Light Lodge
12:39 AM City Center ~ Powdered Animal Wig ~ City Center Volume 1 ~ Life Like (Soundcloud)
12:42 AM Max + Mara ~ Unseen ~ Less Ness ~ Dark Entries
12:48 AM Bezier ~ Templar ~ Ensconced ~ Dark Entries
12:53 AM Nosaj Thing ~ Light #3 (Gerry Read Remix) ~ 12″ ~ Innovative Leisure

Download: wcbn-2013-12-31-0100-est.mp3

Hour 2
1:02 AM Oak Openings ~ side B track 2 ~ Oak Openings tape ~ Life Like
1:07 AM Shingles ~ Sunken City ~ Mugen Volume 4 (split tape w/ Josh Millrod) ~ Hausu Mountain
1:13 AM Lidless Dogs ~ 2 ~ Lidless Dogs tape ~ Life Like (Soundcloud)
1:22 AM Fred Thomas ~ 2013-09-13 ~ mp3 ~ Life Like (Soundcloud)
1:24 AM Ivo Malec ~ Turpituda ~ Triola Ou Symphonie Pour Moi-Meme ~ Recollection GRM
1:34 AM Nagual ~ Sweat Raag ~ Nagual ~ Ergot Records
1:49 AM The Blood Of Heroes ~ I Love You But I Chose Darkness ~ The Waking Nightmare ~ Ohm Resistance
1:57 AM Misty Conditions ~ Drizzle ~ D’zzzz ~ Planet Mu

Download: wcbn-2013-12-31-0200-est.mp3

Hour 3
2:03 AM Justice Yeldham ~ Popped In The Head ~ Popped In The Head All The Time Now ~ Feeding Tube Records
2:11 AM Philip Corner ~ Two In Thailand ~ Rocks Can Fall At Any Time ~ more mars team
2:23 AM Alligator Indian ~ Gnarwhal ~ Spring I’m In ~ Bleeding Gold
2:31 AM Snakepiss ~ Snakes ~ Toil ~ Chambray
2:35 AM Roland Tings ~ Loose Jaw ~ 12″ ~ 100% Silk
2:41 AM JMII ~ Nueva York ~ 12″ ~ 100% Silk
2:47 AM Seth Carter with Craig Huckaby ~ Baba Mi ~ Warrior Cry ~ Musicality
2:54 AM Figure Study ~ Maze ~ Figure Study ~ Dark Entries

Shingles/Josh Millrod: Mugen Volume 4 split tape (Hausu Mountain, 2013)

Shingles/Josh Millrod: Mugen Volume 4 split tape

I love pretty much anything with an Electric Valve Instrument, so that’s all that matters for me to get into the Shingles project of Jesse DeRosa (Grasshopper, Hex Breaker Quartet/Quintet, Baked Tapes). It’s all EVI and a looper, and it’s all sweet, warm drones, with lots of texture and melody and range. “Sunken City” is a bit more sunrise-y, “Chromium” is maybe more starry and sparkly. Josh Millrod (also of Grasshopper and Hex Breaker) takes up his entire side with his piece “We Sorcerize”, and it’s a bit deeper and harsher, with a hazy, buzzing trumpet sound swooping throughout, piling on more layers and distortion until it’s just a blanket of noise. But you can still hear the trumpet playing, it just becomes this mutant trumpet that’s mega-distorted. Best of all, these were all recorded live at a place called Greenpoint Bed and Breakfast and Pizzeria. The tape’s still available, but you can grab the music on Bandcamp.

UZ: untitled tape (Life Like, 2013)

UZ: untitled tape

Saw this group (who name is pronounced “ooze”) play their first show at Life Like Fest at the Elk’s Lodge in Ann Arbor back in April, and I’m finally getting around to listening to their tape. Just in time for a new Life Like batch that I may or may not get around to buying and eventually listening to and reviewing. Nice spaced out guitar and drum machine + real drums + calm synths. Sometimes almost slide guitar-ish, that sort of lonesome prairie sound, but with a drum machine and droney synths. I guess reminds me a bit of FWY! but not as motorik. I like that this tape has compact songs that wrap up in a reasonable length, and that they all have titles. Not that I’m complaining about untitled sidelong jams (or just simply unlisted titles) but you know, this makes it more welcome. Tough to really choose a favorite, although the edgy guitar and ticking drum machines and distant pianos of “Crazy Horse Endings” might be the winner. The synth zone-out of final track “Lighthouse” is a nice touch too. The tape is probably long gone but you can listen to it on Soundcloud.

The Onliest Souls 12/29/13

Download: wcbn-2013-12-29-1700-est.mp3

The Onliest Souls 12/29/13
5:04 PM Sri Darwin Gross ~ At The Grass Roots ~ Songs In The Key Of Z Vol. 1 ~ Which? Records
5:08 PM Dot Wiggin Band ~ Banana Bike ~ Ready! Get! Go! ~ Alternative Tentacles
5:10 PM Daniel Johnston ~ Rocket Ship ~ Yip/Jump Music ~ Homestead
5:15 PM Jandek ~ Jaws Of Murmur ~ Follow Your Footsteps ~ Corwood Industries
5:20 PM Robert Alberg ~ Guitar Texture ~ Acoustically ~ self-released
5:23 PM Robert Alberg ~ I Been Single All My Life ~ YouTube
5:27 PM Ken Jackson ~ Worthless Art ~ My Magazine ~ self-released
5:35 PM Luie Luie ~ El Touchy ~ Songs In The Key Of Z Vol. 1 ~ Which? Records
5:39 PM Half Japanese ~ Penny In The Fountain ~ Charmed Life ~ 50 Skidillion Watts
5:40 PM Janeen Brady & The Brite Singers ~ I’m A Mormon ~ mp3 ~ 365 Days Project
5:42 PM The Space Lady ~ I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) ~ Songs In The Key Of Z Vol. 2 ~ Gammon
5:46 PM Peter S. Langston with Eedie & Eddie & The Reggaebots ~ Some Velvet Morning ~ mp3 ~ 365 Days Project
5:51 PM Mark Kennis ~ Heart Of The Heartland ~ Songs In The Key Of Z Vol. 2 ~ Gammon
5:55 PM William Janiak ~ Do You Like Foods: Do You Like Meat? ~ Songs About Me ~ Kimbo Educational

Blevin Blectum: Emblem Album (Aagoo Records, 2013)

Blevin Blectum: Emblem Album

5th solo album (and first in 5 years) from the less showtuney half of Blectum From Blechdom, following the excellent Gular Flutter, also released by Aagoo. Playful blippy electronics and occasional neo-classical/baroque melodies. “Cromis Part One” starts out like Dan Deacon circa Bromst, adds hushed vocals, eventually leading to a counting of numbers which keeps stalling, before blasting off after reaching “9″. The song continues in the second part, mostly instrumentally. “Nanofancier” is a short noodly, tweety instrumental. “Deathrattlesnake” is a fast rapid drilly track, just as rattling and toxic as its title. “Basically Chunnelled” is a curiously minimal, sparkly, sinewavey track, which ends up with a throbbing beat, swinging-pendulum synths, and short-circuiting bursts of static. “Wrapped In Aw” seems to take off on a tangent from the previous track, adding squishy beats and more detailed/less minimal textures. “Harpsifloored” is where the baroque melodies come in, in the form of scrambling, overdriven harpsichord sounds, crashing into each other and shredding. “Goth Botch” is a slow, squirmy minimal techno track with damaged/malfunctioning spaceship sounds, and jarring louder-than-the-rest-of-the-mix zaps. “Manners Melting” is more harpsichord shredding, but this time it seems a little less chaotic, and seems to settle into a bit more of a pattern and be intentionally more pretty. “Sycamore Scarab” is a quiet, mysterious piece, sounding like a field recording from a haunted forest, with a few backwards sounds, insect-like noises, and plenty of space (the last minute is nearly silent).

Show #221 – 12/28/13 BEST OF 2013 SHOW

Mic break music = Synth Meditation tape on Life Like

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0000-est.mp3

Hour 1
12:00 AM Oneohtrix Point Never ~ Zebra ~ R Plus Seven ~ Warp
12:09 AM Autechre ~ Bladelores ~ Exai ~ Warp
12:20 AM Boards Of Canada ~ Jacquard Causeway ~ Tomorrow’s Harvest ~ Warp
12:26 AM His Name Is Alive ~ track 2 ~ Dragons Look Out Your Window ~ Silver Mountain Media Group
12:31 AM Shells ~ Beach ~ In A Cloud ~ Life Like
12:33 AM White Poppy ~ Daydreaming ~ Drifters Gold ~ Constellation Tatsu
12:37 AM Twigs & Yarn ~ Yuurei ~ mp3 ~ flau
12:42 AM Grouper ~ Vital ~ The Man Who Died In His Boat ~ Kranky
12:46 AM Julia Holter ~ Maxim’s I ~ Loud City Song ~ Domino
12:51 AM Justin Walter ~ Dream Weaving ~ Lullabies & Nightmares ~ Kranky

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0100-est.mp3

Hour 2
1:02 AM The Haxan Cloak ~ The Drop ~ Excavation [my favorite album of 2013] ~ Tri Angle
1:14 AM Wolf Eyes ~ Born Liar ~ No Answer-Lower Floors ~ De Stijl
1:17 AM Swans ~ Oxygen ~ Not Here/Not Now ~ Young God
1:25 AM Troller ~ Tiger ~ Troller ~ Holodeck
1:37 AM Burial ~ Come Down To Us ~ Rival Dealer ~ Hyperdub
1:50 AM Forest Swords ~ Onward ~ Engravings ~ Tri Angle
1:56 AM Ensemble Economique ~ We Come Spinning Out Of Control ~ The Fever Logic L.P. ~ Not Not Fun

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0200-est.mp3

Hour 3
2:05 AM DJ Rashad ~ Let It Go ~ Rollin’ ~ Hyperdub
2:10 AM Ultrademon ~ Dolphin ~ Seapunk ~ Fire For Effect
2:13 AM µ-Ziq ~ Monj2 ~ XTEP ~ Planet Mu
2:17 AM Sawi Lieu ~ Sneaking Into The Pulsar Wave ~ Pasaraya ~ Constellation Tatsu
2:22 AM Piper Spray ~ Sigma Draconis ~ Epigraph To The Bright Star Catalogue ~ Singapore Sling Tapes
2:26 AM Unicorn Hard-On ~ Houndstooth ~ Weird Universe ~ Spectrum Spools
2:41 AM Special Request ~ Soundboy Killer ~ Soul Music ~ Houndstooth
2:47 AM Sensate Focus ~ Y ~ Sensate Focus 1.6 ~ Sensate Focus

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0300-est.mp3

Hour 4
3:01 AM PAS Musique ~ Modern Witchcraft ~ Abandoned Bird Egg ~ Alrealon Musique
3:06 AM Stave ~ Tower9 ~ Reform ~ Flingco Sound System
3:11 AM Shapednoise ~ Survival Of The Dead ~ Until Human Voices Wake Us ~ Opal Tapes
3:17 AM Tim Hecker ~ Live Room ~ Virgins ~ Kranky
3:23 AM Barn Owl ~ Blood Echo ~ V ~ Thrill Jockey
3:31 AM Deafheaven ~ Dream House ~ Sunbather ~ Deathwish Inc.
3:40 AM The Body ~ Denial Of The Species ~ Christs, Redeemers ~ Thrill Jockey
3:45 AM Pharmakon ~ It Hangs Heavy ~ Live on WFMU’s Distort Jersey City – April 10, 2013 ~ Free Music Archive
3:51 AM Laserbeams Of Boredom ~ Blown Blurs ~ Mind Arrays ~ self-released tape
3:56 AM Scissor Now! ~ There’s An International District In Seattle ~ Not Now, But Right Now! ~ Arbco
3:58 AM Blanche Blanche Blanche ~ Look At Me Now ~ Wooden Ball ~ NNA Tapes

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0400-est.mp3

Hour 5
4:03 AM Longmont Potion Castle ~ Deiter’s Heat ~ LPC 10 ~ D.U. Records
4:07 AM [PHYSICS] ~ Emerald Forest ~ Spectramorphic Iridescence ~ Digitalis
4:10 AM Mountains ~ Identical Ship ~ Centralia ~ Thrill Jockey
4:13 AM Mind Over Mirrors ~ Storing The Winter ~ When The Rest Are Up At Four ~ Immune
4:19 AM CFCF ~ Lamp ~ Music For Objects ~ Paper Bag
4:23 AM Sally Shapiro ~ What Can I Do ~ Somewhere Else ~ Paper Bag
4:30 AM Low ~ Just Make It Stop ~ The Invisible Way ~ Sub Pop
4:34 AM Toxie ~ Newgate ~ 7″ ~ Goner
4:36 AM Saturday Looks Good To Me ~ Invisible Friend ~ One Kiss Ends It All ~ Polyvinyl
4:39 AM Disclosure ~ Latch ~ Settle ~ Cherrytree
4:43 AM DIANA ~ That Feeling ~ Perpetual Surrender ~ Jagjaguwar
4:47 AM Primitive Motion ~ Flow Form ~ Two Ellipses ~ A Guide To Saints
4:52 AM Aloonaluna ~ Stutter-sleep Dance ~ split tape w/ Motion Sickness Of Time Travel ~ Constellation Tatsu

Download: wcbn-2013-12-28-0500-est.mp3

Hour 6
5:01 AM White Poppy ~ Wear Me Away ~ White Poppy ~ Not Not Fun
5:04 AM Jon Hopkins ~ We Disappear ~ Immunity ~ Domino
5:09 AM DJ Rashad featuring DJ Phil ~ Everyday Of My Life ~ Double Cup ~ Hyperdub
5:12 AM RP Boo ~ Speakers R-4 (Sounds) ~ Legacy ~ Planet Mu
5:15 AM Misty Conditions ~ D’mmmm ~ D’zzzz ~ Planet Mu
5:21 AM LX Sweat ~ Addicted To Your Love ~ City Of Sweat ~ Not Not Fun
5:24 AM High Wolf ~ R.I.P. ~ Kairos: Chronos ~ Not Not Fun
5:26 AM Quicksails ~ Dancing By Yourself ~ Mayville Dream ~ Spectrum Spools
5:34 AM Four Tet ~ Unicorn ~ Beautiful Rewind ~ Text
5:37 AM The Field ~ No. No… ~ Cupid’s Head ~ Kompakt
5:47 AM Clearcut ~ Depends On You ~ Messages ~ Boont

Crush Collision 12/26/13 BEST OF 2013 SHOW

Download: wcbn-2013-12-26-2200-est.mp3

Hour 1
10:01 PM Huerco S. ~ Ragtime USA (Warning)
10:07 PM Moderat ~ Milk
10:14 PM Ron Morelli ~ No Real Reason
10:17 PM The Field ~ Cupid’s Head
10:20 PM Gerry Read ~ Liver
10:23 PM Cyclist ~ Mangel
10:25 PM Disclosure ~ White Noise
10:29 PM Jonas Reinhardt ~ Private Life Of A Diamond
10:34 PM Laurel Halo ~ Serendip
10:37 PM MGUN ~ Mask
10:43 PM Octo Octa ~ Please Don’t Leave
10:45 PM Storm Queen ~ Look Right Through (MK Dub III)
10:48 PM Jon Hopkins ~ Open Eye Signal
10:53 PM Omar-S ~ Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself
10:59 PM Bobby Browser ~ As Far As I Know

Download: wcbn-2013-12-26-2300-est.mp3

Hour 2
11:02 PM Shams ~ Piano Cloud
11:04 PM Carl Taylor ~ Lost Memories
11:08 PM Coyote Clean Up ~ 2 Hot 2 Wait
11:13 PM Container ~ Obstruction
11:14 PM Voigt & Voigt ~ Triptychon Nummer 7
11:18 PM Bobby Draino ~ Brain Drain (Cloudface Edit)
11:22 PM Ikonika ~ Eternal Mode
11:24 PM Bonobo ~ Emkay
11:27 PM Gold Panda ~ Brazil
11:31 PM Floorplan ~ Altered Ego
11:35 PM Photodementia ~ Letech
11:37 PM Xander Harris ~ Night Fortress
11:41 PM Housemeister ~ Chicago
11:43 PM Four Tet ~ Kool FM
11:48 PM Special Request ~ Ride VIP
11:55 PM Nah Like ~ Python QS
11:59 PM Vatican Shadow ~ Remember Your Black Day

Local Music Show 12/25/13

Download: wcbn-2013-12-25-2100-est.mp3

Hour 1
9:00 PM Jib Kidder ~ Opening Medley ~ A Magical Christmas ~ Burning Tongue Records
9:03 PM Saturday Looks Good To Me ~ Mistletoe ~ 2002 tour cdr ~ Ypsilanti Records
9:06 PM Fuxa ~ Berzap ~ Dirty D ~ Rocket Girl
9:10 PM Deepchord ~ Seaweed ~ 20 Electrostatic Soundfields ~ Soma
9:14 PM Snakepiss ~ Unvisible ~ Toil ~ Chambray
9:17 PM Nosaj Thing ~ Try (Kyle Hall Remix) ~ 12″ ~ Innovative Leisure
9:22 PM Seth Carter ~ Warrior Cry (FBK Remix) ~ Warrior Cry ~ Musicality
9:28 PM KILN ~ Star.field ~ Meadow:Watt ~ Ghostly International
9:40 PM The Gories ~ Thunderbird ESQ ~ The Shaw Tapes ~ Third Man
9:42 PM Shells ~ track 4 ~ 12/12/12 ~ Gingko Records
9:46 PM Shigeto ~ Ritual Howl ~ No Better Time Than Now ~ Ghostly International
9:50 PM Dabrye ~ Evelyn ~ Instrmntl ~ Eastern Developments
9:55 PM His Name Is Alive ~ Happy Blues (Recloose Remix) ~ 12″ ~ 4AD

Download: wcbn-2013-12-25-2200-est.mp3

Hour 2
10:03 PM Persona ~ Cycloid ~ Uptight ~ Simulated
10:06 PM Princess Dragonmom ~ Library Girl ~ Slow Poke ~ Time Stereo
10:18 PM Detronik ~ 9.21.01 ~ Electric Kingdom Vol. 1 ~ WCBN
10:23 PM 01V ~ CFR15 ~ Block Diagram ~ Stop/Eject Records
10:31 PM Viki ~ track 7 ~ Live On Electric Kingdom 4/19/2003 ~ WCBN
10:36 PM Mammal ~ Lung Haze ~ Secrets And Sounds ~ Animal Disguise
10:40 PM Xenharmonic Gamelan ~ XHG Improv ~ Intermission 1 ~ cdr
10:43 PM Vena Sarin ~ Ending ~ Gag Order, Volume 1 ~ Woodshed Records
10:46 PM Windy & Carl ~ Awhile ~ Drawing Of Sound ~ Icon
10:56 PM Mechanik ~ Kinahcem Attax ~ This Damn Planet ~ Scratch And Sniff Entertainment

Show #195 – 6/15/13

Mic break music = Voice of Eye and Thomas Dimuzio: The Unveiling Of Darkness

Move Your Ass 6/11/13

An extended meditation on Doug Hream Blunt’s “Gentle Persuasion”.

Show #194 – 6/8/13

Mic break music = Boyle: 2013Disc2

Show #183 – 3/9/13

no show next week, probably no reviews for a while, because i’ll be in austin for SXSW. expect lots of photos.

Move Your Ass 3/7/13

The sports show was away for spring break so I did an emergency Move Your Ass in which I played Huey Lewis & The News’ magnum opus Sports and mixed it with a bunch of other stuff. Also included in this file is Pandora’s Lunchbox (the second half hour of the file) because I didn’t have time to edit it out because I’m about to go on vacation.


Show #182 – 3/2/13

mic break music = giuseppe ielasi/kassel jaeger: parallel/grayscale

Show #180 – 2/9/13

pledge your support to WCBN –>
mic break music = popol vuh: in den garten pharaos

Crush Collision 2/7/13

WCBN fundraising has officially started! Please pledge and help keep freeform radio (and Crush Collision) alive!

R.I.P. Foxy Digitalis

Show #156 – 9/8/12

mic break music = clade: if brightness outshine heavens so prepared

Show #155 – 9/1/12

i’m dj’ing at the Blues Control show at the Work Gallery in Ann Arbor this thursday night. doors open at 8. please stop by!

Move Your Ass 8/22/12

This might be my last MYA this summer, so I played 2 copies of Strawberry Shortcake’s “Bicycle Upside Down” simultaneously along with the WCBN online stream, some text-to-speech, “I Wanna Be A Hulkamaniac”, and “Yakety Sax”.

daytime mario star

sorry i didn’t get around to posting this yet

Show #152 – 8/11/12

mic break sounds = “world of birds” cd donated to the station by The Liz, who has departed ann arbor in her motorized turtle shell

Move Your Ass 8/8/12

Basically I played the first 20 or so minutes of Rokhausen’s Data Cloud Sessions and added some sound effects records and text-to-speech. And then I played a Bernie Krause 12″ (one of Rykodisc’s few vinyl releases) on 45.

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