April 16th, 2012

5:25 PM Ron Pate I Talk to My Haircut 5:20 PM R. Stevie Moore Pedestrian Hop & Copy Me 5:11 PM The Residents Walter Westinghouse 5:06 PM This Heat Pool 5:01 PM Hector Zazou Vera C 4:54 PM Conventum Commerce Nostalique 4:50 PM Amos Steer Clear of England 4:47 PM Heiner Goebbels Berlin Ku-Damm 4:42 PM The Muffins 2 from 'Chronometers' 4:40 PM Michael Mantler The Doubtful Guest More Movies Watt 4:24 PM Art Zoyd Simulacres 4:14 PM Decibel Radio Extract 4:09 PM Henry Cow Slice / Viva Pa Ubu 4:04 PM The Work Houdini 3:57 PM Aksak Maboul/Honeymoon Killers Boss de crosses dans le doulos 3:49 PM Univers Zero Influences 3:46 PM The Black Sheep Strangelove 3:35 PM Feliu Gasul untitled 3:34 PM Joseph Racaille & Patrick Portella On ne peut plus compter sur ses doigts 3:31 PM The Homosexuals Walk Before Imitate 3:26 PM Stormy Six Reparto Novita 3:21 PM Art Bears All Hail! 3:19 PM Faust Extract 5 from FAUST PARTY 3 3:17 PM Vogel Flaschenzug The Recommended Records Sampler Recommended Records