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BDSM/Kink Culture - 8/8/12

Alexandria Champagne(Right-Click/Ctrl-Click to 'Save File As')

Today was a very special show for multiple reasons, the main one being that we had a very special guest from the Safe Sex Store in Ann Arbor as our interviewee! My good friend Kate was also helping me co-host in the absence of our dear Sonya. Interestingly enough, it was complete serendipity that Kate and I met Alex. One night we were traipsing around Ann Arbor, and decided to browse S3, as you do. Alex was super helpful and hilarious, so I proposed she come on the show, and now we're all best friends, basically.

If you're not familiar with BDSM, here are a few terms we used that might help you wrap your head around it. I would also highly suggest that you check out the links at the bottom of the post for more information, if you're still curious!

Mini-Glossary of Terms: 

  • Sadomasochism: the receiving of pleasure--usually sexual--from acts involving pain or humiliation; sadism (giving pain) and masochism (receiving pain) are very much linked, and most people in kink culture enjoy both to different extents
  • Dominance and submission: behaviors involving a BDSM relationship where there is a clear dominant sexual personality, and a clear submissive personality (which usually translates into top and bottom)
  • Vanilla: those who do not practice BDSM, or engage in borderline BDSM activities; can also refer to clothing or activities that are worn or done by BDSM practitioners

Useful links:

  1. Jim Toy Community Center
  3. Safe Sex Store
  4. Glossary of BDSM terms

Music you heard:

  1. "Do Duckling" by Podington Bear
  2. "Indiana Jones Theme" by John Williams

See you next week! If you have any stories or comments, post them here, or e-mail them to me! I would love to talk more about what's on your mind!