It’s been a hot summer. I’ve been abysmal with keeping these posts up to date. Previous shows will follow soon. I found a Wire Tapper CD that kind of ruled.  This week’s show:

[artist, song, album (label)]
Elliott Sharp, City of Sand, Tectonics (knitting factory)
Ergo Phizmiz, Sticky White Glue (extract): Rectify, Wire Tapper 12
Cul de Sac & Damo Suzuki, Berlin 6, Wire Tapper 12
The Fall, I am Damo Suzuki, The Nation’s Saving Grace (beggar’s banquet)
Tim Flood Quartet, Untrapped Tears, Mag Mell (null records)
Balachander, Sangeetha Gnaanamu, Man From Madras (world pacific)
John Coltrane, Living Space, Infinity (impulse)
Blur, Sing, Trainspotting OST (capitol)
Uncle Woody Sullender, Aphelion Counting, Nothing is Certain but Death (dead ceo)
Drexciya, Sea Quake, Deep Sea Dweller (shockwave)
Autechre, IV VV IV VV VII, draft 7.30 (warp)
Violet, Priznak Aluminium, Wire Tapper 12
Micachu and The Shapes, Nothing, Never (rough trade)
Peaking Lights, LO HI, Lucifer (mexican summer)
Fat Worm of Error, Mashed Potentate, Ambivalence and the Beaker (resipiscent)
Wet Hair, Jane You Don’t Decide, Spill into Atmosphere (de stijl)
Pow Wows, EIO (during the flood), Nightmare Soda (get hip)
K-Holes, Window in the Wall, Dismania (hardly art)
Milky Globe, The Warp and the Woof, Wire Tapper 12
Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm, Like Pictures Part 2, Drawn From Life (astralwerks)
Unstable Ensemble, Torque and Tungsten, The Liturgy of Ghosts (family vineyard)
Hot Boss, Dick Program, S/T