Come On, Wake Up Ann Arbor! 5/31/2012

Hey there everyone! This week of Come On, Wake Up Ann Arbor! is a special edition! Last Thursday was Bob Dylan’s 71st birthday (which I failed to realize at the time) so to celebrate I’m giving you all a show of all Bob Dylan! That’s right, 3 hours of our good friend Robert Zimmerman! Hurray! I played a sampling of songs from his entire musical career, starting with his first studio album from 1962, Bob Dylan, and ending with his second to most recent 2006 album, Modern Times (ran out of time to play anything from his ‘09 album, Together Through Life). I chose to be a bit biased in the albums I played, skipping the ones I found to be not at good and playing more songs from albums I really like. I really enjoyed listening to how his style changed over the years, and I hope you will too! I’m also providing a couple links to things I talked about during the show at the bottom of this post. I’m also including the track list ([year released] album, song), which I’m going to try and do with my future shows as well. Also, one thing I didn’t mention on the show or play songs from is that he does have a Christmas album as well! So at Christmastime you should check that out. Anywho, enjoy the Bob Dylan wonderfulness! And just remember, Bob Dylan’s just average, common too. He’s just like him, and the same as you. He’s everybody’s brother and son. He’s not different than anyone. Ain’t no use talking to him, it’s just the same as talking to you! So if you feel like talking to Bob Dylan, just talk to yourself ;) Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


[1962] Bob Dylan, House of the Risin’ Sun
[1963] The Freewheelin Bob Dylan, Blowin’ in the Wind
[1963] The Freewheelin Bob Dylan, Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
[1964] The Times They Are A-Changin’, The Times They are A-Changin’
[1964] Another Side of Bob Dylan, All I Really Want to Do
[1964] Another Side of Bob Dylan, I Shall Be Free No. 10
[1965] Bringing it All Back Home, Subterranean Homesick Blues
[1965] Bringing it All Back Home, Love Minus Zero-No Limit
[1965] Highway 61 Revisited, Like a Rolling Stone
[1965] Highway 61 Revisited, Tombstone Blues
[1965] Highway 61 Revisited, Ballad of a Thin man
[1965] Highway 61 Revisited, Highway 61 Revisited
[1966] Blonde on Blonde, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
[1966] Blonde on Blonde, I Want You
[1966] Blonde on Blonde, Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again
[1967] John Wesley Harding, As I Went Out One Morning
[1967] John Wesley Harding, Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
[1969] Nashville Skyline, Lay Lady Lay
[1970] Self Portrait, Blue Moon
[1970] Self Portrait, The Boxer
[1970] New Morning, The Man in Me
[1975] Blood On the Tracks, Tangled Up In Blue
[1975] Blood On the Tracks, Meet Me in the Morning
[1975] Blood On the Tracks, Buckets of Rain
[1976] Desire, Oh Sister
[1976] Desire, Sara
[1979] Slow Train Coming, Do Right to Me Baby (So Unto Others)
[1979] Slow Train Coming, Man Gave Names to All the Animals
[1989] Oh Mercy, Political World
[2001] Love & Theft, Tweedle Dee & Dweedle Dum
[2001] Love & Theft, Floater
[2001] Love & Theft, Po’ Boy
[2006] Modern Times, Beyond the Horizon


The music video for Subterranean Homesick Blues. Such a weird and funny video:

Didn’t talk about this one, but I love his press conferences. I think they’re funny. He was such a little smart-ass, but I don’t really blame him based on some of the questions. My favorite is his response to the question about how many protest singers there are. This clip, I believe, is from the documentary No Direction Home, which is a great documentary, rent it and watch it now if you haven’t seen it already! :

Rolling Stone’s article on Dylan receiving the presidential medal of freedom: