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Joseph Martin Kraus, the Swedish Mozart

It's an unfair characterization, of course, but when Joseph Martin Kraus's name is mentioned, the comparison to Mozart usually follows. Superficially, there is some justification; the two were born five months apart in 1756, and died a year apart. Stylistically, though, Kraus's symphonies more resemble Haydn's than Mozart's in their conciseness and humor.

Profile: Robert Ashley

Event: NIME Conference 2012, Concert 2

Energy and attention waning a bit, I'm thankful at the moment that the profusion of media on the Internet can give me an excuse to neglect the play-by-play of last night's concert.  Instead, you can experience, at home, in your dressing gown, the program yourself through the magic of videos and links.  Commentary, if coming at all, will come later.

Event: NIME Conference 2012

During the Events Calendar on Dead White Guys last Sunday, I mentioned the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) conference coming to U-M next week, and would now like to tell you more about it.  Hopefully, you’ll be convinced you should attend, because if you

Welcome to Dead White Guys!

So you've stumbled upon the think-tank for the classical show on WCBN FM Ann Arbor, Dead White Guys! Let me answer some questions that you probably have:

Why did you call it Dead White Guys? What kind of name is that?

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