December 26th, 2011

5:35 PM Joe Thomas For Boobs Only Big Little Bands 5:26 PM Bill Frisell / Vernon Reid Landscapes in Alternative History Smash & Scatteration Minor Music 5:24 PM The Spaniels Stormy Weather The Doo-Wop Box II Rhino 5:23 PM Quire Waltz for Debby Quire RCA 5:17 PM George Russell War Gewessen Nica's Dream - Small Jazz Groups of the 50's and early 60's New World Recods 5:12 PM The Rhythmakers Who's Sorry Now? Jazz - The Small Combos Columbia 5:06 PM Nick Lucas and His Troubadours All Of Me Paper Hits Vol. II Broadway Intermission 5:03 PM Durium Dance Band Rain on the Roof Paper Hits Vol. II Broadway Intermission 4:54 PM Sam Lanin's Orchestra Pardon me Pretty Baby / Ho-Hum Paper Hits Vol. II Broadway Intermission 4:49 PM Evangelist Michael Jones I'm All Strung Out On Jesus I Can Meditate On Him Savoy 4:44 PM Ed Gallagher and Al Shean Mister Gallagher and Mister Shean Follies, Scandals, and other Diversions - from Ziegfeld to the Shuberts New World Records 4:40 PM Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 2x4s Lovelyville Matador 4:39 PM Stephanos Vassiliadis Kouklokosmos (Puppet World) Greek Electronic Music - 1 EMI 4:13 PM Test Dept A Good Night Out A Good Night Out Relativity 4:04 PM The Visitors Black Smoke Rebirth Muse 4:03 PM Apple Svadebnaya Country-folk Rock Group Melodiya 3:54 PM Oniké Bush Woman Bush Woman McConnie Records 3:51 PM Woodie Guthrie Chisolm Trail Buffalo Skinners Folkways 3:49 PM John Fahey Requiem for Molly (Part 3) Requia Terra 3:48 PM Unknown Meow The Cat Thai Beat A-Go-Go Vol. 1 Subliminal Sounds 3:42 PM Merle Haggard A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today Anthology 3:40 PM The Red Krayola Music God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It 3:36 PM Tom Cameron Balsa Music to Wash Dishes By Bathing Records 3:06 PM Miles Davis He Loved Him Madly Get Up With It Columbia