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Doug Lofstrom: Music for Strings (album review by Christa V.)

Lofstrom is a composer from Chicago who has been the composer-in-residence at the Metropolis Symphony Orchestra and the musical director of Chicago’s Free Street Theater. You can easily hear the influence of the theater in his works, the swelling of the strings clearly designed to invoke certain emotions in the listener and convey a state of mind. Here Lofstrom collaborates with the Russian String Orchestra to present some works that he has been working on for decades as well as new pieces written for the occasion! Of particular interest is the contrast between the upbeat pizzicato sections and the soaring lyrical moments in track 3, and the dramatic opening of track 7. Track 11 is a perfect way to round out the album with a dark opening that gradually opens to the light of a new day, and fades away. Favorite tracks: 3, 7, 11

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