Face the Music

Face the Music 1.31.13
This broadcast was conceived as a celebration of Jewish music. Part of the methodology involved assembling recordings that would have bothered Joe Goebbels: George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman,Artie Shaw, even a team of harmonizing Chassids! Also a nice opportunity to air lots of Ziggy Elman.
Rhapsody in BluePlayed by mouth organ virtuoso Larry Adler
PalesteenaOriginal Dixieland Jazz Band
Nashville NightingaleWaring’s Pennsylvanians{when they were still a hot jazz band}
Sweet and Low DownPaul Whiteman’s Orchestra
What Am I Gonna Do?Irving Berlin, piano and vocal
Zaynin mir Chasidimlach{We Are Hasidim}Jewish Art Quartet
Bridegroom SpecialYiddish Swing Orchestra
ClarinitisBenny Goodman {among the first recordings released under his name}
BublitchkiZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
Freilach in Swing{And the Angels Sing}Ziggy Elman & his Orchestra
Cheek to CheekPlayed by mouth organ virtuoso Larry Adler
What Used to Was Used to Was (Now It Ain't)Ziggy Elman & his Orchestra
SugarZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
You Took Advantage of MeZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
29thand DearbornZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
Let’s Fall In LoveZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
I’ll Never Be the SameZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
Carolina in the MorningZiggy Elman & his Orchestra
Begin the BeguineArtie Shaw & his Orchestra