Face the Music

Face the Music 12/26/13
WCBN 88.3 FM

two-hour broadcast 6-8 PM
culmination of a thirteen-week series
music from 1913, 1923, 1933 & 1943

Zez Confrey 1923

Pastime Rag No.1
Artie Matthews 1913
piano solo by William Bolcolm

To a Wild Rose/
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Fats Waller piano solo 1943

Blackbirds Medley
Duke Ellington & his Famous Orchestra 1933

Sundown Blues
W.C. Handy 1923
played by Carl Wolfe’s Orchestra *

Honeysuckle Rose
Joe Sullivan piano solo 1933

In a Mist
Red Norvo 1933

Jogo Blues
W.C. Handy 1913
played by Carl Wolfe’s Orchestra *

Ain’t Misbehavin’/
Two Sleepy People
Fats Waller V-Disc 1943

Saturday Night Fish Fry Drag
Joseph Robichaux & his
New Orleans Rhythm Boys 1933

Take Me For a Buggy Ride
Bessie Smith 1933

Coot Grant & Kid Wesley Wilson 1933

My Butcher Man
Memphis Minnie 1933

Gimme a Pigfoot
Bessie Smith 1933

That’s What the Bird Sang to Me
Fats Waller V-Disc 1943

Yellow Jacket Girl
Al Jolson 1913

Whipped Cream Rag
Fred Van Eps 1913

Advertising Plant’s Baking Powder
George Graham, E. Berliner record 1896

Baking Powder Blues
Lucille Bogan 1933

Hungry Man’s Scuffle
The Jolly Jivers 1933

The Corn Huskers/We’re Going Around
From Scott Joplin’s Opera Treemonisha

Tyrolienne Turque
Erik Satie 1913
played by Aldo Ciccolini

A Real Slow Drag
from Treemonisha
published separately in 1913
played by Max Morath’s Quartet

My Old Man
The Spirits of Rhythm 1933

Tin Roof Blues
Original Memphis Five 1923

Barrel House Blues
Ma Rainey 1923

Up the Country Blues
Sippie Wallace 1923

Texas Tea Party
Benny Goodman’s Orchestra 1933

Kokey Joe
Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1933

Yeah Man
Scorpion Washboard Band 1933

Improvisations on Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie
James P Johnson piano solo 1943

Untitled Phrases – cartoon soundtrack
Meade Lux Lewis & sound effects 1943

Hold Tight, Want Some Communism
Charlie & his Orchestra 1943

Esquire Bounce
Leonard Feather’s All-Stars 1943

Rockin’ in Rhythm
Duke Ellington & his Famous Orchestra 1943

Merry Go Round
Duke Ellington & his Famous Orchestra 1933

Boogie Woogie
played by “The Addicts”
Charlie Parker & Billy Eckstine 1943

All Music Guide review by arwulf arwulf:

As a compendium of both famous and little-known melodies by W.C. Handy, Carl Wolfe's “Where the Blues Began” is virtually unparalleled. Twenty-one instrumental interpretations are performed by a wind sextet (trumpet, trombone, clarinet, two saxophones, and tuba) backed by violin, banjo, and piano. Wolfe's informative liner notes provide contextual background for each melody, and the overall listening/reading experience is also a highly rewarding history lesson. For example, "Harlem Blues," published in 1923, contains a passage from the folk song "I've Laid Around This Town Too Long"; "Friendless Blues" from 1926 is built around "Got No Mo' Home Than a Dog," and Handy's "Atlanta Blues" of 1924 is closely based upon "Make Me a Pallet on the Floor." Carl Wolfe's devotion to Handy's oeuvre is remarkable, and it's worth noting that nowhere on the exterior album packaging is there any mention of Wolfe or his players. The star of the show is William Christopher Handy. His old-time blues-based melodies published during the years 1913-1932 are beautifully presented in a rather austere manner of which the composer would surely have approved.