Gray Hair Ain't A Crown of Wisdom: "Who's Feeling Young Now?"

There are two kinds of people - people who get crushes, and another kind of person I don't want to contemplate.

I have a crush on this song, which I have played on Turn It Up with Amy Wilson each of the last three weeks, for some reason always between 5AM and 5:30.

I have no idea why that might be -- maybe that's a time I'm feeling particularly young/crazy and the magnitude of the 3am-6am radio show has really hit me?

WHO KNOWS. All I know is, I really like the way he says "HEY".


The song: Punch Brothers, "Who's Feeling Young Now?"; 2012

Turn It Up with Amy Wilson is my radio show, which has been playing late late late late late Tuesday nights 3am-6am ( or 88.3fm) for the last three months or so.

I still love it more than anything. Every week I go to the station and hope the radio magic will happen. Most times, wonderfully enough, it does. And the issue of the time, of the murderous early/lateness of it,  has faded into unimportance as I've realized that plenty of other people are awake at that time too.

Early this year I had a crush on a catchphrase: "Life: It's 24/7!" It's silly, but what I meant by it is just to say that that pretty much is the ONLY thing I can say with any confidence about life.

It is, also, still 2012 -- the possible meaning of that was an  earlier obsession of mine as well.

These crushes don't actually go away, they just braid over and under each other -- and that's life.