Jazzlab Orchestra: Loguslabusmuzikus (album review by Christa V.)

The Jazzlab Orchestra is really an octet, but clearly the group likes to have fun with unique names! Their sound is jazzy, but more “free” or “contemporary” than your typical sound. All of their notes are tightly written though, keeping it shy of typical “free jazz” either. The result is fascinating to listen to, they have a driving rhythm that sometimes gets more jazzy, and sometimes gets more obscure. Clearly they are walking a very fine tightrope with their compositions. The highlight of a number of tracks is the solos, particularly those on the second track, “Humor de la Seconda Noche…” Track 4, “Bluesy del Lunedi,” is also incredible and focuses on the crisp, clear ensemble sound while playing more canonical jazz. Well worth a listen, this is an album that rewards many a jazz fan, whether you like freeform jazz or classic swing! Favorite tracks: 2, 4, 7

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