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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 16 May 2 2012

Hour One
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Gong - Radio Gnome Prediction/You Can't Kill Me - Camembert Electrique
The Searchers - Murder in My Heart - Love's Melodies
Milk Music - Out of My World - Beyond Living 12"

Sonny Sharrock Band - Fourteen - Seize the Rainbow
Faith - Slowdown - Subject to Change
Bis - God Save the Queen - Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas
Cloudland Canyon - Krautwerk - Lie in Light
Dwarr - Lonely Space Traveler - Animals
Tommy James & the Shondells - Bloody Water - Travelin'

Krysmopompas - Cola Ohne Koka? - Du Schwein! - Heute Schalten Morgen Aufwachen
The Impalers - Blinding - Demo 7"
Eddy Arnold - Across the Wide Missouri - Wanderin' With Eddy Arnold
The dBs - Moving In You Sleep - Stands for deciBels

Hour Two
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Monoshock - International Hello - Walk to the Fire
Dave Kusworth - A Puppeteers Son - The Bounty Hunters
Spiritualized - I Am What I AM - Sweet Heart Sweet Light
Flux of Pink Indians - Myxomatosis - Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible
Richard Papiercuts - Porkography - A Sudden Shift

Blue Cheer - Just a Little Bit - Outside Inside
Metal Boys - Tokyo Airport - Tokyo Airport
Condominium - Why Be Something That You're Not - Warm Home
Paul Leary - Too Many People - The History of Dogs
Condominium - I Don't Hate Any of You - Warm Home
Bassholes - Knocked Out on My Yard - Long Way Blues 1996-1998
Michael Jackson Gregory - A View of This Life -  Clarity

Hour Three

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Class of 1984 Trailer
The Ejected - Class of '82 - A Touch of Class

Far Out - Too Many People - Nihonjin
Kleenex/Liliput - Hedi's Head - Liliput

Les Thugs - Power Race - I.A.B.F.
Glenn Branca - Third Movement - Symphony No. 6
Rational Animals - Thought Debris - Bock Rock Parade
Coach Whips - Extinguish Me - Bangers vs. Fuckers
Stiv Bators - Million Miles Away - Disconnected
Unsane - No Chance - Wreck

Sham 69 - Hurry Up Harry - That's Life