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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 21 June 10 2012

This weeks show features an interview with Shaved Women while on tour from St. Louis. They played a house show in Warren, MI and were nice enough to let me ask them a few questions after.  Listen till the end of the interview for some home made jokes all the way from the 'Mound City.'

(image taken from BV)
Artist - Song - Album

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Detroit With Mitch Ryder - Let it Rock - Detroit
The Saints - No Your Product - Eternally Yours
Pollution - Signal Control - Smut

King Blood - I'll Take What's Mine/Here Comes a Candle - Vengeance Man
The Jesus Lizard - 7 vs 8 - Head
Woolen Kits - Be Your Friend - Woolen Kits
Shaved Women - Static - Static 7"

Shaved Women - Exorcism - Static 7"
Shaved Women in Warren, MI Interview Part 1
Shaved Women - Circles - Shaved Women 12"
Shaved Women in Warren, MI Interview Part 2
Shaved Women - Shallow Sea - Static 7"
Shaved Women in Warren, MI Interview Part 3
Ruth - Polaroid/Roman/Photo - Polaroid/Roman/Photo
Possessed - All Night Long - Exploration

Hour Two
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A Community of Zuni Singing a Rain Dance - Ethnic Folkways Libraries Present Music of the American Indians of the Southwest
Volcano Suns - Cornfields - The Bright Orange Years

The Last - She Don't Know Why I'm Here - L.A. Explosion
Warrrior Kids - Personne - Les Enfant De L'Espoir
Gang Green - Alcohol - Another Wasted Night
Merchandise - Become What You Are - Children of Desire

R. L. Crutchfield's Dark Day - No, Nothing, Never - Exterminating Angel
Lee Hazlewood - Think I'm Coming Down - Poet, Fool or Bum
Hank IV - Symptomatic - Refuge in Genre

The Tronics - Spending Time - Love Backed By Force