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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 25 July 15 2012

Artist - Song - Album

Hour One:
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*'Listen to the Grass Grow' starts at the 44 min mark

100 Flowers - Drawing Fire - Drawing Fire 12"

Anasazi - Loving You - Anasazi 7"
The Moon - John Automation - Without Earth and the Moon
Anthony Braxton - You Stepped Out of a Dream - Five Pieces 1975

Hour Two:
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Prehensile Monkeytailed Skink - Anarchy is Stupid/I Hate You - I Am a Gorilla 7"
Rosenkopf - Heed/Untitled - S/T
Steeleye Span - Hares on the Mountain - Parcel of Rogues
Crawling Chaos - Arabesque - The Gas Chair

David Kilgour - Uplift - Here Come the Cars
Nomeansno - Rag and Bones - Wrong
Monoshock - Cabalgando a la Luna - Fuck that Weak Shit Vol. 3 7"
White Suns - Footprints Filled - Sinews
Einstürzende Neubauten- Tanz Debil - 80-83 Strategien Gegen Architekturen
Poison Idea - Cult Band/Last One/Pure Hate/Castration/Reggae (I Hate)/Give It Up/Think Fast - Pick Your King E.P. 7"

Hour Three:
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Can - Bubble Rap - The Lost Tapes
MDC - I Remember/John Wayne Was a Nazi - Millions of Dead Cops
Excerpt from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - "You Pick It Up"
Nothing People - Pushing Buttons - Late Night
Mad Nanna - Court Bent - I Made Blood Better

Creem - Dweller - Creem 12"
Popul Vuh - On The Way/Through the Pains to Heaven - Nosferatu OST
The Guns - Real World - The Guns
Saccharine Trust - For Her While - We Become Snakes
This Moment in Black History - Family Day at Euclid Beach - Family Day at Euclid Beach 7"
Bunny Brains - I-95/What Kind of Shape Are You In? - Bunny Magick