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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 41 November 11 2012

Artist - Song - Album

Hour One
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Velvet Underground - Sister Ray Live at the Second Fret, Philadelphia, January 1970 - Sweet Sister Ray (Boot)
Goosebumps - Bitch/I Wanna Die - I Hate My Body 7" (Burn Books)

Total Control - Scene From a Marriage - Scene From a Marriage 7" (Sub Pop)
Bassholes - (I Like) Smoke & Lightning - Archive Series-Vol. 7 ...and without a name (Columbus Discount)
Sylvester Anfang II - Ossezaddans - Sylvester Anfang II (Aurora Borealis)
Marc Riley with the Creepers - Black Dwarf - 4 A's From Maida Vale (In Tape)
Birth Deformities - Suburbanized - Suburbanized (Cowabunga)
Axis: Sova - Raising Hell - Weight of a Color (Kill Shaman)

Hour Two

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Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove I - The Expanding Universe (Unseen Worlds)
Jandek - Can I See Your Clock - Six and Six (Corwood Industries)
Vulcan - Noname - Meet Your Ghost (Lysergic Sound Distributors)
Mauser - Oblivion - Isolation E.P. (Vinyl Rites)
UV Race - Be Your Self - Racism (In the Red)
NON/Boyd Rice - Fire Shall Come - Back to Mono (Mute)

Wayne Rogers - Side One - Infraction (Twisted Village)
Psi Com - Ho Ka Hey - Psi Com (Mohini Records)
Swirlies - Crush - Swirlies/Kudgel Split 2x7" - (Cinderblock/Nervous)

Chrome - New Age - Red Exposure (Beggars Banquet)