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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 45 December 16 2012

This week, special guest Diamond Don helps bring the hits and makes sure the Grass is Growin'.

Thanks to the listener who called in with the burning question that was on everyone's mind, "4AD used to put out the Pixies, now they put out this [Scott Walker]bullshit. What the fuck happened?"  Made my night.

In case you were wondering, this episode is brought to you by


Artist - Song - Album

Hour One
Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting. Stonewall - Outerspaced - Stonewall (Kisemet) 2012
Church Whip - Go No Further - Church Whip E.P. (Fallow Soul) 2012
Axemen - Nut Shack Redemption Song - Nutsack b/w Nut Shack Redemption Song 7" (Negative Guest List) 2011
Cult of Youth - A New Way - Love Will Prevail (Sacred Bones) 2012
Goosebumps - Goose Step - I Hate My Body 7" (Burn Books) 2012
Vatican Shadow - Operation Neptune Spear Part 1/Part 2 (Ornamented Wall) 2012
Cheater Slicks - Love Ordeal - Reality is a Grape - I Hate My Body 7" (Columbus Discount) 2012
Helios Creed - Sex Voodoo Venus - X-Rated Fairy Tales (Subterranean) 2012

Scott Walker - Phrasing - Bish Bosch (4AD) 2012

Diamond Don's Power Hour:
DADS - Invisible Blouse - S/T 7" (Soft Language) 2009
Light Sleepers - The Family Lisp - We are Gathering Dust (Small Town America) 2008
Russian Tsarlag - Cruising on Cardboard - Midnight at Mary's House (Not Not Fun) 2012
Simon Joyner - One For the Catholic Girls - Beautiful Losers Singles And Compilation Tracks 1994-1999 (JagJaguwar) 2006
David Vassalotti - Imaginary Boy - Book of Ghosts (Vinyl Rites) 2011

Hour Two

Hosted by Kiwi6 file hosting. Download mp3 - Free Music Hosting.Shinobu - Regular Love Triangle - Worstward, Ho!!! (Asian Man) 2006
Hot Guts - Heater Beauty - Edges (Blind Prophet) 2012
Six Cents & Natalie - Queenie Isn't Here - When Punk Fell to Earth (Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) 2001
Merchandise - Foolish - (Strange Songs) In the Dark - (Katorga Works/Drugged Conscience) 2010

Back to the Grass Growin':
Altered Boys - Drug War/Reality Check/Missionary Position - Altered Boys 7" (Katorga Works) 2012
Toy Love - Squeeze - Live at the Gluepot 1980 (Goner) 2012
Neon Blud - Untitled - Gold Shoulders Compilation 7" - Soft Languages
Mountain Cult - Don't Feel Sick - Mountain Cult (Little Big Chief) 2012
Vile - I'm a Punk - Solution (Parts Unknown) 2004

Stack Waddy - Hunt the Stag - Man Chest Hair (Finders Keepers) 2012
Pink Reason - Darken Daze - Ache for You/Dark Daze 7" (Savage Quality) 2012
Satan's Satyrs - Bellydancers Delight - Wild Beyond Belief (Trash King) 2012

Protomartyr - Hot Wheel City - No Passion All Technique (Urinal Cake) 2012