Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 7 March 11 2012

Here is the playlist and archive for episode 7.
Also, I will be subbing 'The Palace' this upcoming Tuesday morning at 3am. So...if you're not doing anything, come on by 88.3 FM and take a listen.

Playlist and Archive after the jump.

Hour One:
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Simply Saucer - Illegal Bodies - Cyborgs Revisited
Sparks - Beaver O'Lindy - A Woofer in Tweeter's Clothing
Puerto Rico Flowers - Torture - 4

Bad Noids - Ticket to Mars - Ticket to Mars 7"
Handful of Dust - A Sort of Saliva - Speed Kills Compilation 10"
Dwight Twilley Band - T.V. - Sincerely
The Mad - I Hate Music - Feel Lucky Punk? Compilation
Birds of Maya - Ancient Witches Rise - Vol. 1
Eddie Gale - A Walk With Thee - Eddie Gale's Ghetto Music
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Lime-Away - Lurch

Rodriguez - Only Good For Conversation - Cold Fact

Hour Two
Hosted by file hosting. Download mp3 - Free File Hosting.Penetrators - Stop Action - Basement Anthology 1976-1984
Fotheringay - Peace In the End - Fotheringay
Broken Water - Heartstrings - Peripheral Star
Suicide - Fast Money Music - Alan Vega/Martin Rev: Suicide
Men's Recovery Project - Wreckage in the Empty Quarter - Bolides Over Basra

Folded Shirt - Tiny Boat - Tiny Boat 7"
Eno/Moebius/Roedelius - Broken Head - After the Heat
Meercaz - Fan of a Daze - Meercaz
Slayer - Praise of Death - Hell Awaits
Spectrum - It's Alright(Bo Diddley) - Spectrum 10"
MX-80 Sound - Facts-Facts - Hard Attack
George Brigman - DMT - Jungle Rot

Hour Three

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Bucket of Blood Trailer
Alice Coltrane - Shiva-Loka - Satchidanand

The Bats - Sir Queen/Round and Down - Daddy's HighwayInterview of Kenneth Anger at 2010 Ann Arbor Film Festival
Troggs - I Want You - Wild Thing
Bobby Beausoleil and the Freedom Orchestra - Lucifier Rising Part II - Lucifer Rising OST

Death In June - In the Night Time - Heaven St.
Kevin Ayers - Champagne Cowboy Blues - Whatevershebringswesing
Swell Maps - Ammunition Train - International Rescue
The United States of America - I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar - The United States of America
Radio Birdman - New Race - Radios Appear
Neil Young - Computer Cowboy (AKA Syscrusher) - Trans

Redd Kross - Peach Kelli Pop - Neurotica