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Listen to the Grass Grow Ep 8 March 13 2012

This be the playlist and archive for the show I subbed this morning. PEACE.

After the jump, duh.

 Hour One:
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Coloured Balls - Human Being - Ball Power
The Scientists - Frantic Romantic - Frantic Romantic b/w Shake (Together Tonight)
Home Blitz - Hey - Apocalyptic Grades 7"
Condominium - Coexisting Realities - Warm Home
Sonny Murray - Virtue - Sonny's Time Now

Kaleidoscope - Jenny Artichoke - Jenny Artichoke b/w Just How Much You Are
No Balls - Fixed Pose - Less
Emeralds - Science Center - Does It Look Like I'm Here
Crushed Butler - It's My Life - It's My Life b/w My Son's Alive
Watery Love - I'm A Skull - Debut 45

The Embarrassment - Death Travels West - Death Travels West
The Sleaze - Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs - Smokin' Fuckin' Cigs 7"
Bill Orcutt - Till I Get Satisfied - How the Thing Sings
Slices - Nub City/ Desert March / Coping Mechanism - Nub City 7"

Hour Two:
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Harry Pussy - I Fought the Police - In an Emergency You Can Shit On a Puerto Rican Whore
Harald Grosskopf - So Weit, So Gut - Synthesist

Screamers - Punish or be Damned - Live at the Masque Los Angeles Dec. 78 7"
Infest - Sick-O - Slave
Duane Eddy - This Guitar Was Made For Twangin' - The Biggest Twang of Them All
Monkey 101 - Transistor - Transistor 7"
Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane - Grio's Wisdom - The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane

Venom P. Stinger - PCP Crazy/Jaws - Live at KDVS
Aaron Dilloway - Eight Cut Stars - Modern Jester
Elton Motello - Jet Boy, Jet Girl - Victim of Time *by request
Aaron Dilloway - Eight Cut Stars (finish) -Modern Jester
Boston Strangler - The Boston Strangler - Primitive

Hour Three:

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Brain Stories with Hawaiin Music and Sound Effects featuring 'Why Do Our Brains Need Sleep' and 'Immune Responses to Sleep'
Dow Jones & the Industrials - Indeterminism - Dow Jones & the Industrials 7"
Gary Higgins - I Can't Sleep at Night - Red Hash
Kreator - Flag of Hate - Endless Pain

Axis Sova - Dopamine Boomerang - (I Feel Like) Laying Low 7"
3ds - Hey Seuss - Hey Seuss 7"
Sam Gopal - You're Alone Now - Escalator
Impalers - Blasts For Days - Impalers 7"

Chinese Restaurants - River of Shit - River of Shit 7"
Bobby Soxx - Learn to Hate in the '80s - Learn to Hate in the '80s b/w Scavenger of Death
Marion Brown - QBIC - Porto Novo
Young Marble Giants - Choci Loni - Colossal Youth

Buffalo - The Prophet - Volcanic Rock