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Mare Berger: The Moon is Always Full (album review by Christa V.)

Mare Berger is a queer artist whose music focuses on interconnectedness through this album about the moon. They typically have sparseinstrumentation, primarily strings, piano, and sometimes guitar, under gorgeous vocal harmonies. The simplicity allows for the vocals to come throughclearly, without making it sound stuffy and classical. This is best highlighted in the opening track “Even When We Forget” where some incredible vocalharmonies take the song from a very peaceful lullabye to a more funky groove. This is also shown on “Stardust” where the voice sounds practically ethereal.“The Moon is Full” is another track that goes from a mournful piano into an amazing chorus that makes you want to move somehow. The range of moodspresent, and Berger’s ease with moving through them, is also shown on “Wondering” which starts with very calm backings, transitions to a chorus oversparse instrumentation, and goes into an instrumental section featuring an electric guitar over a string section. This album is quite unlike any other that Ihave heard, it manages to make you want to sway while also radiating peace. Definitely worth a listen! Favorite tracks: 1, 5, 7

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