MMOTHS: Diaries (SQE, 2013)

MMOTHS: Diaries

Last year, a young Irish producer by the name of MMOTHS released an EP of tracks combining atmospheric minimal techno with post-chillwave/[imaginary made-up genre], with a guest appearance by Keep Shelley In Athens and several lush instrumentals. This new EP continues that intriguing sound, although there isn’t really any of the minimal techno-ness that I heard on the first EP (at least on the fantastic opening track “THNX”). One of his signature sounds seems to be ghostly background vocals, and these are incorporated into many tracks as they were on the debut. Additionally, “Losing You” incorporates beatboxing into its production. Opener “One” adds some crashing drums for a somewhat bombastic effect. “For Her” features vocals by Young & Sick, and basically does the type of cloudy hipster R&B thing a million and one people are doing right now. More interesting is “All These Things”, which features sensuous, upfront vocals by Holly Miranda, and is the most fully realized MMOTHS song yet. It opens with a really nice distorted kalimba-type sound, before the knocking beats and vocals come in. Closer “Too Real” can’t help but remind me of the pianos at the end of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop”, as well as Harold Budd. Like the first EP, this one feels like an intriguing early taste of something that could potentially be powerful later on.