playlist 12.17.12

just another groovin' night with an extra dose of... ZAPPA
tune in next week as arwulf arwulf takes control  ARWULF 
PEACE ON EARTH - see you New Years Eve  
9:47 PM frank zappa my guitar wants to kill your mama / oh no / the orange county lumber truck / weasels ripped my flesh weasel ripped my flesh bizarre 9:44 PM the stooges no fun the stooges elektra 9:39 PM the move message from the country split ends ua 9:28 PM elvis costello big tears taking liberties columbia 9:23 PM the del fuegos out for a ride the longest day slash 9:20 PM smithereens blood and roses especially for you enigma 9:15 PM magazine i wanted your heart secondhand daylight virgin 9:10 PM eugene chadbourne cops of the world / nicaragua corpses of foreign wars fundamental 9:03 PM frank zappa brown shoes don't make it absolutely free verve 8:56 PM soft machine the man who waved at trains / peff bundles harvest 8:53 PM obsequious cheesecake
(henry kaiser) if 6 was 9 a tribute to jimi hendrix imaginary 8:43 PM jimi hendrix remember smash hits reprise 8:32 PM arthur lee you want change for your re-run the vindicator a+m 8:24 PM subsonics miracle worker in the black spot slovenly recordings 8:23 PM the amboy dukes good natured emma migration mainstream 8:12 PM t-rex the wizard t-rex reprise 8:08 PM zero zero seven violence james bond thrillers somerset 8:05 PM donovan hurdy gurdy man hurdy gurdy man epic 8:02 PM erik truffaz king b walk of the giant turtle blue note