Podcast 06-28-2012

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Bandshell - Rise Em
Girl Unit - Cake Boss
ELGATO - Tonight
DJ Abstract - Touch
Objekt - Porcupine
Blawan - Tuesday’s March
Burial - Loner
JME - Murking (Instrumental)
Pangaea - Nest
Bandshell - Metzger
Blawan - Bohla
Ramadanman - Work Them
Girl Unit - Club Rez
Bebetune$ - NERO CEA$AR
Bandshell - Dog Sweater
Capsule - What Do You Want To Do
K.W. Griff Ft. Porkchop - Bring in the Katz
Ramadanman - Grab Somebody

HOUR 2 (Tyler 11p-12a)
Laurie Anderson - O Superman
Minilogue - Jamaica
Theo Parrish - Moonlight
Moodyman - I can’t kick this feeling
Will Webb - Spacewalk
The Demented - Shez Satan
Villalobos - What You Say is More Than I Can Say
Tokyo Black Star - Taxi Driver (Main Title)
Super Flu - Glaans
Glenn Branca - The Ascension
Walls - Hang Four (Allez-Allez mix)
sleep archive - c1 radio transmission
Salome de Bahia - Outro Lugar (Original Mix)
sierra sam - son of the knight (david k couscous mix)
Different Gear - Drink to get Drunk
Underground Resistance - Crush Kill Destroy
FALSE - Beginner’s Luck
Shonky - Olympia
Recloose feat. Dwele - Can’t Take It
Polyester - The Indian (Mock and Toof rmx)
Oasis - Oasis One