Podcast 11-22-2012

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Massive Attack - Be Thankful for What You’ve Got
Deepchord - Spiral Together
Cex - Kine Gather
Food Pyramid - Corealis
Sir Stephen - The Acid Factor
Etienne de Crecy - Les Ondes
Deep Earth - It Stands Our Mother
Diamond Version - Science for a Better Life
Jodey Kendrick - C
Mutwawa - Skrull Eternal
Pursuit Grooves - Mad Passion
Teemu T - Equanimity
Forma - Off
Lindstrom - Vafler

HOUR 2 (Paul 11p-12a)
Wolf + Lamb - In The Morning
Moralez - Motion Elements (Snuff Crew Mix)
DJ Haus - Needing U (MK Mix)
Model 500 - OFI (Debukas RMX)
Michael Mayer - Roses
Ital - Deep Cut
Matmos - You (RRose Mix)
Steve Bug - Tell Me Why
Risque Rhtym - More Than Just A Dance (Backyard Mix)
The Student Body - A Decision Dub
Cosmin TRM - de Dans
faltyDL - Straigh and Arrow (four tet mix)
Luke Hess - Humility (renew your mind)