Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Two Weeks EP (Critical Heights, 2013)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: Two Weeks EP

This actually isn’t brand new material from S&CW, it’s a standalone release of their split LP with Peak Twins that came out last year on Night People in America and Bedroom Suck Records in Australia. Of course, their album Para Vista Social Club that came out a few months ago was actually a reissue of an album that originally came out in 2010, so this is still much newer material, and it shows, as it’s tighter and more polished. But it still has a lazy, slacker-y feel to it, and it still brings to mind all manners of New Zealand indie-pop. “Two Weeks” and “Gammy Leg” start this EP off with similarly uptempo and catchy music, but less than cheerful lyrics. “Two Weeks” talks about being awkward and old-fashioned, and drinking during the day and being depressed. And “Gammy Leg” is delightfully gross, centering around a “zombie leg” which keeps spurting blood and won’t seem to heal. “I Wanna Die” follows, taking the tempo down to a bluesy shuffle and adding plenty of soloing. “My World” is another song about depression, but doesn’t have the uptempo catchiness of the first two tracks. “Hazy Morning” ends the EP with a solid 6 minutes of motorik rhythm and waves of awesome guitar effects, and lyrics seeking to resolve matters: “I don’t wanna be self-destructive anymore.” An enjoyable EP that deals with dark subject matter in a creative and sometimes humorous way.