A Summer Playlist, Handpicked by WCBN Members

June 20, 2016

It's the first day of summer, meaining it's time to get the sunny good times rolling in earnest. But before you slip on your flip flops and sling a beach towel over your shoulder and run out the door too quickly, ask yourself this important question: "Did I remember to bring my summer jams?"

Worry not, we have your back. Everyone at WCBN knows it's not really summer without a truly epic summer playlist. Therefore, our resident groovologists have selected their favorite hot-weather beats, and it's pretty much the audial equivalent of a bottle of soda on a warm day: smooth and refreshing, but with plenty of fizz, and enough sugar to keep things energetic. It will serve as the perfect soundtrack for days spent at beaches, picnics, parties, cookouts, and cottages up north, and it's equally great for just relaxing and appreciating everything that's good in the world. You can listen to the playlist on Spotify above:

As a bonus, here are some songs that were just too special to be on Spotify:

  1. "Trans Day of Revenge" by G.L.O.S.S. [contains expletives] (Former DJ Aa: "G.L.O.S.S. (aka Girls Living Outside Society's Sh*t) is a hardcore + queer punk band from Washington. Just after the recent brutality in Orlando, they released a 7" EP called TRANS DAY OF REVENGE. It's four songs in five minutes, and preaches some brutal truth. This stuff is certainly not everybody's cup of tea musically, but it's important, meaningful stuff.")
  2. "Salad" by Jefs Chasing Zara (Former DJ Aa: "Immediately showcases his intense attention to layering and the breadth of his musicianship, playing and recording guitars, bass, drums, keys, and programming electronics, like so many tiny clocks chirping together.")
  3. "Booty Shorts" by Astray [contains expletives] (Stockholm: "It's definitely one of my main summer jams. Plus, he's a local artist.")
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