Toning: Ideas Of Visions/Stuck In Slime 2xtape (Constellation Tatsu, 2012)

Toning: Ideas Of Visions

Epic double tape on Constellation Tatsu, following 2011 tapes on Skell, Stunned and Eggy. Ideas Of Visions is the shorter of the two (4 tracks, 20 minutes), and seems to focus more on eerie, unsettling drones, often with acoustic instruments or sound sources. Plenty of harmonium (or some such instrument), some nature sounds (or bells and shakers that suggest forest life), some violin, as well as a few plugged-in instruments. The tracks build and sometimes change drastically, as with the paranoid synths at the end of “Shake It Up And Never Return”. “Rising March” does what it says, building up creaking string sounds along with something that buzzes like an alarm, ending up with something that could soundtrack a scene in a Hitchcock film.

Toning: Stuck In Slime

Stuck In Slime (which is 9 tracks and 40 minutes long) experiments more with synths and beats, sometimes zoning out into jazzy keyboard solos (“Normal Portal”), or OPN-like prism patterns (“Coming To Know”). Still droney, but definitely more melodic and rhythmic. “Stuck In Slime” seems to tap something out in morse code with its chattering, vibrating synths, and “Reflecting Void” buries some meditative tones under crunchy, buzzy beats. “Snake Maze” keeps things sneaky, with a skittering drum pattern and a very low-to-the-ground atmosphere. “Circling The Drain” plays a pattern game with some noodly horn, softly pulsating beats, icelike ticking, and some sort of drilling synth sound, ending up sounding like a couple minutes of an alien assembly line. “Soothes” ends the tape on an appropriately calm note, with reverberating congas and warm, sunlike guitar which gently pans like rays of golden light. Like some other tracks here, it also seems to not particularly start or end, it just goes along with its mood for a few minutes and ends suddenly. A pretty diverse collection of sounds, and it seems to make sense that the tracks are divided onto two tapes the way they are, instead of just cramming them all onto a C-60.