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UZ: untitled tape (Life Like, 2013)

UZ: untitled tape

Saw this group (who name is pronounced “ooze”) play their first show at Life Like Fest at the Elk’s Lodge in Ann Arbor back in April, and I’m finally getting around to listening to their tape. Just in time for a new Life Like batch that I may or may not get around to buying and eventually listening to and reviewing. Nice spaced out guitar and drum machine + real drums + calm synths. Sometimes almost slide guitar-ish, that sort of lonesome prairie sound, but with a drum machine and droney synths. I guess reminds me a bit of FWY! but not as motorik. I like that this tape has compact songs that wrap up in a reasonable length, and that they all have titles. Not that I’m complaining about untitled sidelong jams (or just simply unlisted titles) but you know, this makes it more welcome. Tough to really choose a favorite, although the edgy guitar and ticking drum machines and distant pianos of “Crazy Horse Endings” might be the winner. The synth zone-out of final track “Lighthouse” is a nice touch too. The tape is probably long gone but you can listen to it on Soundcloud.