We Belong To The Sound Of The Words We've Both Fallen Under: A Dedication

Do you believe in coincidences?

I sure do. There are a lot of them in this life. Some of them even seem to make patterns. But it's all in the interpretation.


It's a coincidence that this song has come on several times in the last weeks when I've been feeling blue and down.

It's an expected coincidence because a) I've been feeling blue and down a lot these past weeks* and b) I've also been listening to a lot of music from the 1980s because it's interesting to hear what I think are the roots of today's super-hot electronic music phase. (Or EDM, if that's what you have to call it to convince yourself you're not a dweeb/"electronic music fan". But you're a dweeb. We all are. Just embrace it.)

Like for instance the song that just came on as I was typing this was "Kyrie" by Mr. Mister (a band most often seen these days in a Train lyric).

Take a listen to that if you will and tell me it doesn't sound a little familiar, but in the way that feels really great.


*It always makes me feel a bit self-conscious to type something like that. It's strange, staring at the face of what remains of what we'd call the "stigma about mental illness" -- more precisely, the prohibition against admitting, except in very specific ways, that you are unhappy.

Maybe it's because I live alone. Sometimes in this life you just need to say something out loud.


AND THEN THE NEXT SONG WAS  "What's Love Got To Do With It". Now THAT song is a classic and I will hear no opposition. 1984.


So as I was saying, this song has come on a lot lately when I've been feeling too alone.

Like a little sprite that just pops up and says, "Hey! This song is pretty fun, isn't it?". Just to say, you're not actually alone.

And if I had to name this sprite, I would name it. . .Cecilia.

(This is a dedication. We do that sometimes.)

The song: Pat Benatar, "We Belong"; also 1984