When It Comes Down To It It's All Just Game: "In My Head"

When I tell this story I never feel that people believe me, but deep down inside I really think this actually happened:

When I was in third grade, I had this grand epiphany that writers could just SAY THINGS. And that writing could be just that, the art of just saying things. "She had green eyes." Etc.

And so as an adult, I have to give credit to a line like "Everybody's looking for love -- ain't that the reason you're at this club?"

because, well, yeah! ain't it?

If sung by a more masculine or aggressive fellow this song might seem more sexy or more threatening, but in the hands of this "Jason Derulo" guy, lines like you'll be screaming ohhhh! sound more like they describe a particularly enthusiastic QVC viewing rather than any sex act.

So what it comes down to with this song is In my head -- and ONLY in my head -- I see you all over me.

IF ONLY it were that easy, to just SAY things when it comes to the task of talking to people and having feelings at the same time. But it's not. And Jason Derulo knows it, AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

But I can see it going down, in my head.

The song: Jason Derulo, "In My Head"; 2010

this post brought to you by a lady who said, last night, in a crowded bar to her friend: "sometimes I just get overwhelmed because I look at all these people and I realize that all of them are having a LOT of emotions right now"

and, the color purple.