Who Have I Become: Growing Up


It has been a long since I have written to you, which I could explain but the explanation doesn't matter.

What matters is that over the past few weeks, I have had much cause to feel that a) I may be having a quarter-life crisis and b) I am experiencing a lot of personal growth. As anyone who has been through a personal growth spurt will know, it is often unpleasant and often makes one sort of an unpleasant person. Like the teething of the soul.

I don't think I'm fully teethed at this moment, and maybe won't be for a long time. But I do feel a lot better than I did at this time last week.

As always, music is a valuable tool for this sort of thing and the music I've been focusing on is the extremely recent EP Fade Away by Best Coast. If you asked me to sum up the moment of mid-twenties uncertainty in which I currently find myself, the instability and the low-level angst and the problems that I objectively know are not THAT bad but that feel bad, I'd say, "listen to this."

The song: Best Coast, "Who Have I Become?"; 2013

Because when I listen to it, I realize that this is just a passing moment, and I can see the beauty in that.