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After you donate at the University’s giving portal, please forward your gift receipt to our development director: If you'd like to dedicate your donation to a particular show, please tell us in that email.

To show our appreciation for your generous donation, we'd love to send you one of our artistic WCBN gifts. This year, we asked students and listeners like you to send in their WCBN-inspired artwork. We chose a few designs to turn into t-shirts and tote bags, so if you see anything below that you'd like, be sure to mention it when you forward us your gift receipt!


Justine likes to listen to WCBN on a bench in the park under the stars. She submitted this design, which we'll print on a black, American-made tee.


This design, by John, is universally understood to signify excellent music played by real humans. Printed in white ink on a royal blue American-made T-shirt.


Sonja painted this design with actual sparkly gold paint, but we’re going to screenprint it on a light blue American-made tee.


Olivia’s sister Mia won our contest this year with this awesome polaroid camera drawing.  We’re gonna print it on a tote bag—and don’t worry, we made sure it’s big enough for LPs.


Responding to significant demand, WCBN is offering an embroidered polo shirt this year.  Featuring our classic logo in white, on navy blue, this shirt is a classy way to show you’ve got great musical taste.

  • Brian Tomsic’s classic Dancehall Reggae and Train to Skaville
  • Del presents rockabilly’s best of 2015
  • Radio Rama Lama has a very special collection of rare 45s
  • and an Arwulvian special genre-mash mix, “Music to Change Cat Boxes By”

Olivia (age 6) sent us her drawing, and we think it embodies WCBN perfectly. Simultaneously listening and summoning music from thin air, this fellow is clearly deep in thought.