WCBN's Facilities

For all you techies out there, here's a list of the various pieces of equipment that make us function as a whole (according to Paul, our ex-engineer).

We are licensed by the FCC to broadcast at 88.3 Mhz, 220 watts transmitter output power, vertically polarized. It's stereo with no subcarriers.

Our transmitter antenna is located at 42 16' 37" N., 83 44' 7" W. which is on top of the Dennison Building (formerly the Physics & Astronomy Building) on the University of Michigan's Central Campus.

Audio Consoles

FM Air Studio: Broadcast Electronics Airtrack 90-12
Production Studio A: Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer
Production Studio B: Mackie VLZ-1402PRO
Production Studio C: Arrakis SC2000


FM Air Studio: Electrovoice RE 20
Auxillary FM mics: 2 Shure SM-58
All others: Shure SM57

CD Players

We have lots of these, mostly TASCAM CD-450s.


FM Air Studio: 3 Technics SL-1200MK4 (specially made to play 78 RPM!!)
Production Studio A: 2 Technics SL-1200MK2
Production Studio C: 2 Technics SL-1200MK2
Production Studio B: 1 Technics SL-1200MK2
Henry Engineering UTC (Universal turntable Controller)
Phono cartridges: Stanton 500 series
Styli: Stanton D-5107A
Preamps are either WCBN manufacture or RDL ST-PH1

Cart Machines
(being phased out)

Our sole operational cart machine:
Production Studio A: ITC Omega

Reel to Reel Decks

Production Studio B: Tascam 52

Cassette Decks 

These are all over the place....
Denon DN-720R
Marantz PMD 201 (for remote use)

Distribution Amplifiers 


Speakers, Amplifiers, etc. 

FM air studio monitor amp: Crown D-75A
FM air studio speakers: Tannoy PBM-8
Headphones (lot's of these): Fostex T20s
JBL Control 1 speakers

Emergency Alert System

ENDEC by Sage
The following EBS equipment was replaced by the Emergency Alert System as of Jan.1 1997
We have to keep it around just in case...
Receiver: McMartin AM3
Decoder: McMartin EBS-2
Encoder: Gordman-Redlich

Transmitter, Processing, misc.

Telephone Interface: Symmetrix TI 101
Digital signal processor: Yamaha REV 100
STL Line Drivers: Ozone Manufacturing Model 1 (Homemade using NE5534s opamps -- zero output impedance!!)
Remote Control : Advanced Microdynamics (now Burk) TC8
Signal Processor: Orban Optimod
Power Transmitter: Collins BT-250 (Serial # 1 !!! made in 1968)
Exciter: Collins 310Z-II
Backup Exciter: McMartin 910
Our (vertically polarized) antenna is an Algon Antenna AB S-184 00 made in Akersberga, Sweden
Modulation Monitors: TFT 844

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