Transcript of the proposal for WCBN-FM

To: The Office of Student Services Policy Board
From: WCBN
RE: A 10-watt educational FM radio station
Date: November 30, 1970

WCBN requests from the Office of Student Services Policy Board the following:

  1. Support for application to the FCC for a 10-watt educational FM radio station to be financed by the University and administered by WCBN (with the license held by the Board of Regents).
  2. Allocation of funds for operation of the proposed station in accordance with the budget herewith submitted (it is hoped that the assignment of funds for study and application to the FCC will be made immediately because delay in the study of finances might preclude license acquisition at a later daye due to frequency security).

WCBN makes this request for an FM station because:

  • There is a real need for alternative means of communication on campus. This has been noted by manym in particulat the Wright Committee on Communications and the Regents, when expanding the University Record.
  • WCBN presents a unique program service. We feel that the true worth of any medium is in keeping its audience informed and entertained, and in its promotion of the free exchange of ideas. In fulfilling these goals, WCBN programs the latest in progressive music, sports, including live broadcasts of Michigan sporting events; editorial and opinion programs, and other imformational programming, specificallt forums, panels, interviews, and a calendar service for free promotion of activities of groups within the University community.
  • People can hear the 10-watt FM station. Past surveys of the WCBN audience show that most listeners have access to FM radios. Preliminary engineering studies show a minimum coverage area of radius 2 miles -- all of Ann Arbor.
  • People would listen. WCBN is listened to (where it can be heard) now by 71% of its potential audience for an average of 2.1 hours per day.
  • Fairness is guaranteed. The FCC, through the Fairness Doctrine, requires presentation of all sides of an issue.
  • WCBN has the experience and capability to provide quality radio. WCBN has been on campus for 23 years. The staff is one of the largest (100-150) and most talented anywhere.
  • WCBN-FM would offer more educational opportunities to more students -- both as listeners and as broadcasters.