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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Jammin', with Jack Straw. W
11:55 PM Prince Green Garden Live at the Fox Theatre, Detroit, 04/09/2015
11:53 PM Prince You're The One > Live at the Fox Theatre, Detroit, 04/09/2015
11:52 PM Prince Thankful 'n' Thoughtful > Live at the Fox Theatre, Detroit, 04/09/2015
11:49 PM Prince Yes We Can Can > Live at the Fox Theatre, Detroit, 04/09/2015
11:36 PM The Motet D.M.S.R. Live at Some Kind of Jam Festival, 04/25/2015
11:17 PM Tea Leaf Green Ride Together > Georgie P > Ride Together Live at the Fillmore, San Francisco, 04/07/2006
11:04 PM Jimi Hendrix Red House [Live] Jimi Hendrix Experience [Box Set]
Local Music Show, with .


10:59 PM Protomartyr Pagans Under Color Of Official Right Hardly Art (2014) *local
10:55 PM The Devil Elvis Show A Big Hunk Of Love/CC Rider/Blue Moon Of Kentucky Live At The Machine Shop *local
10:47 PM Mr De' Sex On The Beach 2000 *local
10:46 PM Duke Newcomb Nothing Duke Newcomb Duke Newcomb (2013) *local
10:34 PM Fred Thomas Bed Bugs All Are Saved Polyvinyl (2015) *local
10:28 PM NOMO All The Stars Ghost Rock Ubiquity (2008) *local
10:25 PM Dave Sharp's Secret 7 Sherehe (Featuring Andre Frappier & Evan Perri) Worlds Vortex Jazz 1970 (2013) *local
10:22 PM JIb Kidder Hard 2 Pin Down/Dreams Inside Of Dreams Dreams Inside Of Dreams Glowmobile (2012) *local
10:11 PM Lauging Hyenas Dedications To The One I Love You Can't Pray A Lie Touch And Go (1989) *local
10:08 PM Black Jake & The Carnies Sundry Mayhems Sundry Mayhems Jake Zettelmaier *local
10:06 PM Frank Pahl Grand Old World Songs Of War And Peace Acidsoxx *local
10:03 PM Shakin Jake Woods Scream Bloody Murder On The Move WCBN (1978) *local
9:54 PM Pulp Culture The Wait What Do You Want? Self-Released (2014) *local
9:51 PM PAS/CAL What Happaned To The Sands Oh Honey, We're Rediculous Le Grand Magistery (2003) *local
9:49 PM Child Bite Back To The Deep Egg or: His Flesh Became All The People Fantastic Gusts Of Blood Suburban Sprawl (2008) *local
9:45 PM Death You Are What You Think N.E.W. Tryangle (2015) *local
9:43 PM Demolition Doll Rods Booty Call There Is A Difference Swami (2006) *lo-cal
9:27 PM Fields Of Industry I've Seen A Light Two Dogs, A Televesion Arts Vs Entertainment/Cerberus (2007) *local
9:25 PM Flashpapr Four Rules For Now Do What You Must Do Westside Audio Laboratories *local
9:17 PM Morsel Ocho Morsel EP Small Stone (1995) *local
9:15 PM White Stripes There's No Home For You Here Elephant Third Man (2003) *local
9:12 PM Tunde Olaniran Sun Goes Down The Second Transgression Babatunde Olaniran (2012) *local
9:10 PM Scissor Now! Bill E. Gene Shear Immediacy! Arbco (2015) *local
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