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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Freeform, with Bonham. F
5:57 AM Junior Boys When no one cares So This is Goodbye Domino
5:53 AM The Original Sins Making Time Skeletons in the Garage Spare me records
5:51 AM Choncey Langford Melon Collie The Enthusiast Woodson Lateral Records
5:45 AM Mirror Garden Different Signs Welcome to the Land of Mirrors Icarus
5:42 AM The Asteroid No. 4 You Said King Richard's Collectibles Rainbow Quartz
5:38 AM 2 lone swordsmen Spine Bubbles Stay Down Matador
5:35 AM Venetian Snares Duffy Hospitality Planet Mu
5:28 AM Blue Sky Black Death Falling Short Noir Fake Four Inc
5:26 AM Emma Peel Lava Lamp Play Emma Peel for me SYMPATHY FOR THE RECORD INDUSTRY
5:21 AM Zipgun just the way it sounds baltimore empty records
5:17 AM David Bowie The Man Who Sold the World About a Son Barsuk
5:12 AM totally enormous extinct dinosaurs Your Love Trouble Casablanca
5:09 AM Moped vague it won't sound any better tomorrow Summershine Records
5:05 AM Hive Ultrasonic Sound Devious Methods London
5:01 AM Bipolar Sunshine Drowning Butterflies Drowning Butterflies Priority
4:47 AM Gang Gang Dance Glass Jar Eye Contact
4:44 AM Ladytron The Lovers Velocifero Nettwerk Records
4:42 AM Baby Bird Aluminum Beach The Greatest Hits Baby Bird Recordings
4:38 AM Arling & Cameron 5th Dimension we are a&c
4:36 AM Nate Ashley sea of miss Where Matter Lives Knw-yr-own
4:34 AM The Cansecos What it was you said The Cansecos Upper Class
4:25 AM The Elevator Drops Starlight People Mover Time Bomb
4:22 AM Michna Swiss Glide Magic Monday Ghostly International
4:14 AM Daniel Bortz First Love Patchwork Memories Suol
4:10 AM Quintron The Bridge Satan is Dead Bulb
4:07 AM Fighter Pilot Rainy Day in August Fighter Pilot
4:02 AM Garbage It's all over but the crying Absolute Almo
3:56 AM She Mob Tear Me Down turn to Chocolate Spinster Playtime Records
3:52 AM Peter Lazonby Butterfly Collector Your Humble Servant
3:46 AM Chainsaw Kittens we got the beat The All American 4 alarm records
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