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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
The Answer is in the Beat, with Paul. S
3:19 AM Wrekmeister Harmonies Then It All Came Down (excerpt) Then It All Came Down/You've Always Meant So Much To Me Thrill Jockey
3:12 AM Pharmakon Bestial Burden Bestial Burden Sacred Bones
3:00 AM Scott Walker & Sunn O))) Herod 2014 Soused 4AD
Fake Radio, with Marie. 2:55 AM hertta lussa assa the shewbread vanishes De Stijl 2010
2:49 AM barn owl blood echo V Thrill Jockey 2013
2:41 AM enablers on monk output negative space neurot
2:09 AM Nobukazu Takemura souvenir in chicago Sign thrill jockey
2:04 AM kayo dot longtime disturbanec on the miracle mile coffins on io the flesner 14
2:00 AM everyday film emotional margin call festival of emotions assumed makeup 2011
1:56 AM Red Red Meat make you gone hey drag city comp. drag city 1994
1:48 AM Howling Hex lips begin to move nightclub version of the eternal drag city 06
1:44 AM Human Eye impregnate the martian queen pt. 2 They Came From the Sky Sacred Bones
1:42 AM codec scovill north parade clinical imperfections nonresponse
1:41 AM exclusive album advance radio Rush Hour 2 area codes, crazy girl, the world is yours instrumentals def jam
1:32 AM Blanketship double feature the sound of fun surrounds you
1:28 AM john corbett & heavy friends Cold Sweat i'm sick about my hat Atavistic
1:24 AM gutbucket circadian mindfuck sludge test cantaloupe
1:22 AM Taj Mahal Speedball Sounder soundtrack
1:18 AM Melvins queen stoner witch atlantic
1:10 AM caspar brotzmann massaker temepelhof home thirsty ear
1:10 AM Taj Mahal Motherless Child Hummin' Sounder soundtrack
1:05 AM The Fall muzorewi's daughter totale's turns
12:57 AM dead kennedys life sentence life sentence single Alternative Tentacles
12:54 AM the ex weapons for el salvador singles. period. TOUCH & GO
12:47 AM the body/haxan cloak hail to thee, everlasting pain i shall die here
12:45 AM weapons of mass delusions, alternative focus film scott ritter speech
12:41 AM five for fighting 100 years
12:40 AM LUCIFER'S HAMMER mystic dawn ghosts of fall
12:39 AM smells like human spirit podcast/guy evans interview with Jerry Kroth
12:35 AM asterisk* an angel collapsing dogma
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