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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Freeform, with Evan M. T
9:48 AM My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise You Made Me Realise Creation
9:44 AM Carly Simon Why 7" Mirage
9:40 AM Peter Gabriel Walk Through the Fire Against All Odds OST Atlantic
9:37 AM The Jam Town Called Malice The Gift Polydor
9:34 AM Bruce Springsteen Atlantic City Nebraska Columbia
9:25 AM Change The Glow of Love The Glow of Love RFC
9:21 AM Crowded House Don't Dream it's Over Crowded House Capitol
9:16 AM Simple Minds Waterfront Sparkle in the Rain A&M
9:09 AM Cameo She's Strange (Original 12" Mix) 12" Atlanta
9:06 AM Musical Youth Pass the Dutchie The Youth of Today MCA
9:05 AM Shark Island Dangerous Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure A&M
9:02 AM Big Pig I can't Break Away Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure OST A&M
Doctor Awesome's Cabinet of Wonders and Trans Radio, with Ryan and Re.

Re features transgender, intersex, and gender-nonconforming artists 7-8am

8:59 AM Cameo Back and Forth (12" Club Remix) 12" Atlanta
8:54 AM part time it's elizabeth virgo's maze
8:53 AM cornelius fit song sensuous
8:47 AM jib kidder world of machines teaspoon to the ocean
8:43 AM tiga what you need ciao!
8:37 AM gigi the hundredth time maintenant
8:37 AM messer fur frau muller intim service cosmique triangle, dot & devil
8:36 AM cocktail diatonique soufflet n'es pas jouet cocktail diatonique
8:28 AM doctor striker be a man, go to the gym doctor striker
8:28 AM digital leather studs in love blow machine
8:21 AM white reaper make me wanna die white reaper does it again
8:18 AM atom nd his package head with arms attention! blah blah blah
8:16 AM joe meek just like eddie it's hard to believe: the amazing world of joe meek
8:13 AM the hussy ez/pz gaore
8:12 AM ceremony bleeder the L-shaped man
7:55 AM Queen of the Night Elephant Shelf feat. Delta Ladies
7:50 AM This Mortal Coil feat. Gordan Sharp Kangaroo
7:47 AM Deer Next 3 Miles A Lost Year Christmas
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