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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Crush Collision, with . T
10:16 PM tyler carr live vinyl set
Sporadic Foibles, with David J. 9:59 PM His Name Is Alive I Can't Live In This World Anymore Stars On ESP
9:51 PM Melody's Echo Chamber IsThatWhatYouSaid Melody's Echo Chamber
9:48 PM GRMLN Awake Soon Away
9:45 PM Generationals Reviver Alix
9:40 PM Sciflyer The Nation They Only Believe In The Moon
9:36 PM New Build White Sea Pour It On
9:35 PM Jib Kidder Coincidence IV
9:22 PM The Smiths Unlovable Louder Than Bombs
9:20 PM Tomorrows Tulips Down Turned Self Pity When
9:17 PM Simian Ghost Sparrow Youth
9:13 PM Grandaddy Underneath The Weeping Willo The Sophtware Slump
9:11 PM Foxygen Coulda Been My Love ... And Star Power
9:06 PM Guster Do What You Want Easy Wonderful
9:02 PM Happyness Naked Patients Weird Little Birthday
8:56 PM Caribou All I Ever Need Our Love
8:55 PM Michio Kaku Will Mankind Destroy Itself Big Think (youtube)
8:47 PM Dianne Douglas Shed Not A Tear Poem / Spoken Word
8:46 PM U2 The Unforgettable Fire The Unforgettable Fire
8:46 PM Krill Infinite Power Krillpilation
8:46 PM Alex G Promise DSU
8:32 PM The Union Trade Dead Sea Transform A Place Of Long Years
8:24 PM Pink Floyd Julia Dream Relics
8:23 PM Chancius A Piece Of You Wherever I Go Bando
8:16 PM Cee Lo Green River Magic Moment
8:10 PM The Flaming Lips It Overtakes Me At War With The Mystics
8:10 PM ODESZA Say My Name In Return
8:02 PM Sunflower Bean Somebody Call A Doctor Show Me Your 7 Secrets
Face the Music, with .

arwulf arwulf presenting a passel of ultra-rare historic recordings and a tribute to Marcus Belgrave

7:53 PM arwulf arwulf & Ted Harley 1998 For Marcus Belgrave Reproductive Rights for All Women Nicht Schleppen Records
7:49 PM Marcus Belgrave West End Blues Tribute to Louis Armstrong WJS Jazz Discs
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