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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Freeform, with Bonham. F
4:10 AM Young Widows doomed moon easy pain temporary residence
4:05 AM Bright Eyes a song to pass the time fevers and mirrors saddle creek
4:02 AM Felix da Housecat short skirts devin dazzle & the neon fever emperor norton records
3:56 AM Belle & Sebastian a space boy dream the boy with the arab strap matador recrods
3:53 AM Iron and Wine low light buddy of mine ghost on ghost
3:48 AM Daniel Johnston dream scream rejected unknown gammon records
3:45 AM pow! shoes hi-tech boom castle face
3:40 AM Freestylers don't stop we rock hard mammoth records
3:36 AM Alias I heart drum machines resurgam anticon
3:33 AM The Mountain Goats love love love the sunset tree
3:31 AM Jeffery Lewis another girl the last time i did acid i went insane and ther favorites rough trade records
3:27 AM CLient daredevil rock and roll machine toast hawaii
3:23 AM The best friends group the heavy-heart song when everyone's around magic marker records
3:21 AM generationals gold silver diamond alix polyvinyl
3:15 AM Miss Kitten & The Hacker you and us first album emperor norton records
3:08 AM Regina Spektor Somedays
3:07 AM Spoon dismember telephono matador
3:04 AM Goldfrapp annabel tales of us mute artists
Freeform, with Bonham. 3:03 AM Julie Doiron Explain lonliest in the morning sub pop
Freeform, with Bonham. 3:02 AM Julie Doiron Explain lonliest in the morning sub pop
Freeform, with Rob M.. 2:36 AM Boards of Canada Julie and Candy Geogaddi
2:25 AM Manic Street Preachers Repeat Generation Terrorists
2:21 AM Manic Street Preachers P.C.P The Holy Bible
2:18 AM Manic Street Preachers Die In the Summertime The Holy Bible
2:14 AM Manic Street Preachers Faster The Holy Bible
2:09 AM Manic Street Preachers Mausoleum The Holy Bible
2:05 AM Manic Street Preachers 4st 7lb The Holy Bible
2:05 AM Manic Street Preachers Revol The Holy Bible
1:56 AM Manic Street Preachers Archives of Pain The Holy Bible
1:51 AM Manic Street Preachers She Is Suffering The Holy Bible
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