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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Jammin', with Jack Straw.

playing classic live albums in their entirety!! Kick Out the Jams, Get Yer Ya-Yas out, and more!!

11:09 PM MC5 Come Together Kick Out the Jams
11:07 PM MC5 Kick Out the Jams Kick Out the Jams
11:07 PM MC5 Ramblin' Rose Kick Out The Jams
Local Music Show, with . 10:55 PM Flexitone Moist State Of The Union EP Spectral Sound
10:47 PM DBX Baby Judy Rare And Unreleased Accelerate
10:43 PM The Other People Place Lifestyles Of The Casual Lifestyles Of The Laptop Cafe Warp
10:39 PM Drexciya Nautilus 12 Deep Sea Dweller Shockwave Records
10:35 PM Cybotron Cosmic Cars Enter Fantasy
10:32 PM Aaron Dilloway side A track 1 Beauty Bath Hanson
10:22 PM Odd Clouds side A track 4 Deceiving Illusion Not Not Fun
10:20 PM Fred Thomas Cops Don't Care Pt. II All Are Saved Polyvinyl
10:17 PM City Center Cops Don't Care 7" M'Lady's Records
10:09 PM Storm Ross Frost's Howl The Green Realm Fengrosso Music
10:04 PM Billowing Directional Flaw mp3 Soundcloud
10:00 PM Aaron Dilloway side B track 2 The Beauty Bath Hanson
9:55 PM Swimsuit At The Falls Swimsuit Speakertree
9:52 PM Secret Twins Syracuse split 7" w/ Deadbeat Beat Sneaky Eurekas
9:48 PM In Tall Buildings Flare Gun (City Center Remix Featuring Dina Bankole) mp3 Soundcloud
9:43 PM The Crooks Gotta Get Away The Crooks Deroit Cosmic Sounds
9:40 PM Destroy All Monsters You're Gonna Die 7" IDBI Records
9:38 PM Death You're A Prisoner For The Whole World To See Drag City
9:35 PM Kim Fowley's Psychedelic Dogs Death Detroit Invasion The End Is Here
9:24 PM Aaron Dilloway side B track 1 The Beauty Bath Hanson
9:20 PM Hydropark Impostors, Fabricators, Certain Characters mp3 Soundcloud
9:17 PM Godzuki Gleason Rocket 7" March Records
9:14 PM His Name Is Alive Lip Rare Tracks In The Snow Time Stereo
9:12 PM Saturday Looks Good To Me Labcoat Sound on Sound Redder Records
9:09 PM Jib Kidder Dozens Teaspoon To The Ocean Weird World
9:08 PM Nausea Valley Lately I've Been Thinking About Leaving And Never Coming Back Blood On The Spaceship Toothless Eyeball Records
9:03 PM Danny Kroha Walking Boss Angles Watching Over Me Third Man
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