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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
The Answer is in the Beat, with Paul. S
4:45 AM Demdike Stare Null Results Testpressing #004 Modern Love
4:37 AM Demdike Stare Collision Testpressing #001 Modern Love
4:32 AM Lawrence English + Stephen Vitiello Encased In Blue Marble Fable Dragon's Eye Recordings
4:25 AM Dark0 Black Rose Fate Gobstopper
4:23 AM Beau Wanzer Mob Boss Untitled self-released
4:21 AM L.O.T.I.O.N. Goodbye Humans Second Audio Document 2014 self-released
4:18 AM Mr. Oizo Torero The Church Brainfeeder
4:06 AM /f (cs)_0(t) pq:f Psalmus Diuersae
4:00 AM Chris Herbert Sea Holly Constants Room40
3:51 AM Lorenzo Senni Forever Headline Superimpositions Boomkat Editions
3:47 AM Gabor Lazar IV ILS Presto!?
3:42 AM Dalglish Aonaich Dorcha Aigeann Ge-stell
3:36 AM Symbol Syn Con Online Architecture Holodeck/Light Lodge
3:30 AM Bing & Ruth The Towns We Love Is Our Town Tomorrow Was The Golden Age Rvng Intl
3:26 AM Mica Levi Lonely Void Under The Skin Milan
3:17 AM Jo Johnson In The Shadow Of The Workhouse Weaving Further
3:13 AM Arca Failed Xen Mute
3:03 AM Autechre Drane Peel Session EP Warp
Fake Radio, with Marie. 2:59 AM Whales The sum of all evils pt. 2
2:53 AM J. J. Johnson Misterioso The trombone master
2:52 AM The Jonah Jones Quartet Dolce far niente The unsinkable Jonah Jones swings the unsinkable Molly Brown
2:52 AM Monster Magnet "Get offa my fruitstand!" Monster Magnet interview disc
2:49 AM Flaming Lips Put the waterbug in the policeman's ear (just the beginning story) If you're interested in primitive demos...
2:42 AM Khun Narin Electric Phin Band Lai Sing Khun Narin Electric Phin Band
2:39 AM Banyen Sriwongsa Lam Plearn Kon Baa Huay Sound of Siam, Vol. 2
2:38 AM Boum Ding Band Fafouin Laisse les filles
2:38 AM Fingathing Lava Fingathing and the Big Red Nebula Band
2:23 AM Fur Cups For Teeth Midwest FCFU
2:21 AM Walking Sleep Don't be fooled Measures
2:17 AM Karl Blau Nothing in the way Nature's got away
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