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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Freeform, with Bonham. F
4:12 AM Hercules and Love Affair release me DJ Kicks !K7 Records
4:10 AM Jeffery Lewis Seattle The Last Time I Took Acid I Went Insane rough trade
4:07 AM the chubbies Good Girls Don't (but I do) play me Sympathy for the Record Industry
4:04 AM the moore brothers colossal small colossal small amazing grace
4:00 AM TLC no scrubs
3:55 AM The Operators Angie citizens band unstoppable records
3:50 AM jeffery lewis gold
3:46 AM Jenny Lewis head underwater the voyager Warner Bros.
3:43 AM kimya dawson nobody's hippie knock knock who?
3:41 AM Lemonheads falling creator TAANG!
3:37 AM Kraftwerk radioactivity 8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk
3:33 AM Lynx in sand box factory records
3:30 AM Jeffery Lewis cult boyfriend a turn in the dream-songs rough trade
3:26 AM la roux in for the kill
3:22 AM Chestnut Station double impact chestnut station
3:20 AM Bangs new scars Call and Response kill rock stars
3:16 AM cats in the cradle harry chapin
3:12 AM together tourist patterns EP
3:06 AM Library Science you can never stay happy The Chancellor
3:04 AM she mob I don't know cancel the wedding Spinster Playtime Records
Freeform, with Rob M.. 2:47 AM The Cure A Forest Show
2:39 AM The Cure End Show
2:34 AM The Cure Cut Show
2:21 AM The Cure Never Enough Show
2:13 AM The Cure From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea Show
2:10 AM The Cure Inbetween Days Show
2:06 AM The Cure Friday I'm In Love Show
2:03 AM The Cure Let's Go to Bed Show
1:59 AM The Cure The Walk Show
1:56 AM The Cure Doing the Unstuck Show
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