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Show Time Played Artist Title Album Record Label
Jazz til Whenever, with AK. F
9:41 AM jesse Jones jr. funk mambo father of scat hop Bcd funkatology records
9:35 AM Lambert hendriks & ross popity pop Lambert hendriks & ross Blp columbia
9:34 AM Lambert hendriks & ross twisted everybody's boppin Blp columbia
9:32 AM Lambert hendriks & bavan shiny stockings basin street east Blp victor japan
9:30 AM bob Dorough tis autumn just about everything.... Blp inner city
9:30 AM alex De grassi 36 southern exposure Blp windam hill
9:25 AM Golden arm trio string abstraction #4 (caravan pizz) duke! Bcd innova
9:16 AM Newport all stars deed i do tribute to duke live in basel Blp basf
9:02 AM mehliana hungry ghost taming the dragon nonesuch
Freeform, with sean westergaard. 8:56 AM cyrus chestnut trigger cut gold sounds brown brothers
8:51 AM joe sachse screwdrivers march european house fmp
8:44 AM massacre legs killing time celluloid
8:41 AM fred frith/rene lussier cage de verre nous autres victo
8:37 AM snakefinger the man in the dark sedan greener postures ralph
8:34 AM the residents teddy bear the king and eye enigma
8:30 AM bonzo dog doo dah band death cab for cutie gorilla imoerial
8:18 AM mule sugar cane zuzu mule 1/4 stick
8:05 AM califone heron king blues heron king blues thrill jockey
7:52 AM the hampton grease band evans music to eat columbia
7:50 AM animaniacs cheese roll call animaniacs warner bros
7:48 AM bill frisell the washington post march have a little faith elektra nonesuch
7:43 AM stefan winter the marvelous event the little trumpet jmt
7:35 AM birth seek find hopscotch
7:26 AM freakwater my drunk friend feels like the third time thrill jockey
7:22 AM the meat purveyors how can i be so thirsty today? pain by numbers bloodshot
7:20 AM dick curless loser's cocktail the long lonesome road omni
7:16 AM robbie fulks cocktails 13 hillbilly giants bloodshot
7:14 AM al 'porky' witherow cab driver fantastic country arctic
7:08 AM jack hardy out of control the mirror of my madness jh
7:04 AM barbara dane i hate the capitalist system i hate the capitalist system paredon
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